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An Orgasm a Day For A Longer Life

An orgasm a day will help you live longer. Regular sex with plenty of orgasms is healthy, provides pain relief, aids weight loss, relieves stress, feels fantastic and makes you look younger. People take sex far too seriously. It’s only sex. Do you love chocolate? I know I do. Eat it. Enjoy it. Sex makes your heart beat faster and, according to one study, burns away five calories a minute. Do the

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Professional Authors on Starvation Wages

My new novel Katie in Love came out on 21 March and has reached in four weeks more than 70, mainly 5-star reviews at, with proportionately similar results in the UK, Canada and Australia. Katie in Love is my 6th novel, the first indie-published. It took 13 months to write. I worried and fussed over ever sentence. I used a professional to design what is considered a rather beautiful,

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First Anal Penetration – Steven Josephs Guest Blog

Like so many of my sexual adventures, my first anal penetration by anything other than a tentative finger, happened on the initiative of someone else. Whilst enjoying my favourite post ejaculation recovery one day, being stroked gently by a woman half my age, she asked me if I fancied taking a strap-­on. Yes, just like that. She can be quite direct. I have learned that when a beautiful, intelligent woman

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Why Men Like To Watch Girls Peeing

Girls peeing is more fascinating to men than men peeing interests women, except with that splash of envy we feel when, caught short on the way home, he whips it out to spray the nearest wall, while you have to squat down, lower your knickers and wet your new Monolo Blahniks. Men are obsessed with breasts, they suckle on them as babies, and the allure of bottoms entices their horny hands

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Katie in Love – review by India Reid

Opening up Chloe Thurlow’s Katie in Love is a lot like slipping into the perfect bath after a long, hard day. It’s the perfect temperature, warm enough to make you sweat. The water is the most gorgeous shade of lavender– no, not lavender, but instead Katie’s signature pink. There are rose petals floating in the water, candles lit all around; the air is deliciously humid, floral with hints of something

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Pegging & the Decline of Casual Sex

For couples losing the oo la la in their sex life, pegging is making its way out of the all-girl world of strap-ons and entering the hetero mainstream. What’s Pegging? It requires girls to buckle up into a harness with a dildo and show their male partner what it feels like to reverse roles – something gay men will often understand, but to straight men is one of the unsolved mysteries of

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Caravaggio Stole My Heart & Led Me To The Abyss

Caravaggio was a drunkard, brawler, probably a murderer, definitely that rare thing: a genius. And he stole my heart. Caravaggio opened my head to new ideas and haunted my dreams after a school trip to The Louvre in Paris when I was fifteen. All the girls had rushed like moths to the Mona Lisa flame, but I was transfixed by Caravaggio. I bought a postcard of his painting The Crowning

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Blowjobs Golden Rule – Swallow Don’t Spit

Blowjobs are empowering. When you are down on your knees with a warm cock in your mouth, you have the power over pleasure and pain. Great blowjobs are life-affirming, uniquely human, a biblical investment: the more you give the more you get. When more than 1000 girls answered the Ask Reddit survey: What do you think about when you are giving blowjobs? I was saddened to learn that the majority

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Characters Create You – You Don’t Create Your Characters

Characters watch your every move. They know your every mood. They are voyeurs, secretive and cunning. The moment you start to write a story, the characters take control. While you sleep at night, they are plotting; planning. As they grow and change, they change your manuscript. When a story drops, sometimes unwanted, into the writer’s head, the characters come to life, shadows that instantly take form. Characters are foggy mirror

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