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Grooming Girls – Why is it so Easy?

Grooming girls as sex slaves, suicide bombers and gang members is a modern-day pandemic; the Ebola of contemporary life. Erotic sex between consenting adults – spanking, bondage, watersports, role play: all belong to the exotic tapestry woven by those seeking their deepest desires and fantasies. It’s healthy. It’s normal. Sex is the essence of our humanity, the way we show love and fulfil our destiny by continuing the species. Grooming

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Marquis de Sade – Life, Books and Debauchery

The Marquis de Sade plucked reluctant virgins, debauched serving girls, beat his wife, seduced her sister, practised sodomy and wrote stories featuring rape, incest, necrophilia, torture and bestiality. He was also a war hero, lent his name to the word sadism and practically invented the erotic genre. Two hundred years after his death in 1814, the Marquis de Sade’s books are still in print and are being reassessed by academics

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Squirting Girls in French Watersports Survey

Squirting is in the news and it made me so mad I screamed out the window and frightened the pigeons in the tree in the garden next door. Let me start by saying this: Eve was not constructed from Adam’s rib. Females do not have a prostate. Squirting evidence on YouPorn is convincing (and mesmerising). And not only the porn sites. Proof of effective squirting has reached me through comments on

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The Dream Is Not To Have Dreams

We find happiness in being who we are, not in striving to become who we would like to be. When dreams end, at moments of boredom, loneliness or disappointment, we have a tendency to ask ourselves the same four questions: Who am I? What do I want from life? How am I going to achieve it? Why do I feel so unhappy? The questions come instinctively. But we seldom have

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Cunnilingus – the Art and Science of Pure Pleasure

Cunnilingus is a girl’s best friend. Cunnilingus is life. Everything else is just waiting. An orgasm during cunnilingus turns you into an angel. You grow wings and glimpse paradise. Eating the peach is a meditation. Your mind empties of all the must dos and should have dones. You are pure being. Your lover’s tongue is the key that turns the lock that opens the pleasure box. Life has few perfect moments;

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Smile If You Want To Look 10 Years Younger

My mother rarely smiles. When I arrived for lunch on Sunday, her hands dropped to her hips and she said: ‘Chloe, are you taking monkey glands? You look 10 years younger.’ My eyebrows shot up. ‘So do you,’ I replied. And out popped one of her rare smiles. Only humans smile. And the moon in its first quarter. A smile makes you look 10 years younger. Smiling is contagious. I

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Why Dressing Up Reveals The Real You

Dressing up is a chance to remake yourself. When you gaze into the closet, what you see is a cast of characters, and what runs subliminally through your mind is: Who am I? Who can I be? What do I want? Dressing up for a woman is a chance to show the real you. The woman you can be. You don’t choose clothes to cover yourself, but reveal your personality,

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For A Really Good Blowjob Find The Male G-Spot

There is nothing more feminine than a blowjob. You naked on your knees. Your guy with his hand resting on the back of your head. A really good blowjob confirms some primal nostalgia. It puts the world in balance. A really good blowjob is like making a cake, the gathering of ingredients, the mixing and stirring, the slow baking in the warm oven of your mouth. Timing is everything. So is the

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Cervical Orgasm – What is it? How Can I Have One?

Cervical orgasm is the Big Bang that begins life, an upsurge of pleasure that spreads through the entire body until your toes tingle, your eyes press shut and you become weightless, a celestial star released from gravity. Clitoral and related female orgasms arise from pelvic contractions that build to a climax by stimulating the pudendal nerve-system. Cervical orgasm results from exciting the hypo-gastric and vagus nerve-systems and can last for

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