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Orpheus and Eurydice – A Story of Undying Love

The secret of a great love story is that the lovers are drawn together like magnets, then torn apart by circumstances. Or, as the Greeks would say: Fate. Orpheus and Eurydice were meant for each other, but they had to go through Hell to be together. Orpheus was a musician and poet, a sort of Jim Morrison of the ancient world. When he played the lyre, birds stopped singing in

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20 Ways to Spot Crazy Girls

Crazy Girls Checklist She’s beautiful She has crazy eyes She’s charismatic She’s great in bed She says: I’m not like other girls. And it’s true She runs hot and cold She totally changes her appearance – often She calls and texts too much, then not at all Arguments turn into fights and she hits to hurt She says: I hate dramas She says: No one understands me She’s a fantasist

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Spanking and Bondage at a Cinema Near You

Christian Grey, billionaire, mysterious, sexy, suffered a childhood trauma and can only get off on spanking and bondage. Anastasia Steele, virgin, falls for the billionaire, and is caught between Christian’s spanking fetish and her resistance to submission. She wants love. He ‘doesn’t do romance.’ Fifty Shades of Grey, EL James’s tale of BDSM and nouvelle erotica, has sold 100 million books, and revived the career of the Marquis de Sade.

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Girls on Top a Danger to Men

Girls on top is dangerous! After 2000 years on all fours with our bums in the air doggy style, or spreadeagled for missionaries, research published in Advances in Urology claims that girls on top are responsible for ‘half the penile injuries suffered by men.’ The Daily Mail diligently sent its ‘penile’ correspondent to Brazil where he discovered in the town of Campinas, 42 men in hospital with bandaged wangs, their

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Why Kinky Sex Bondage Girls Love BDSM

Girls like kinky sex. Girls like bondage. Girls like a whispering hint of BDSM. Why do you think the Marquis de Sade is still being read and Fifty Shades of Grey sold 50 million copies? I’ll start again. Girls like the idea of kinky sex. Girls fantasise about being tied up and bent over a broad pair of knees. Girls dream of being dominated and worshipped. Girls adore dressing up, role play,

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Begging in the Street Makes Me So Angry

Every time I see someone begging in the street it makes me depressed. Sometimes I give money. Sometimes I buy a sandwich and exchange a few words. Sometimes I don’t do anything at all. Except feel depressed. When Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan, he knew Jews and Samaritans hated each other and reversed what his followers expected to hear in order to make them think beyond the

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Grooming Girls – Why is it so Easy?

Grooming girls as sex slaves, suicide bombers and gang members is a modern-day pandemic; the Ebola of contemporary life. Erotic sex between consenting adults – spanking, bondage, watersports, role play: all belong to the exotic tapestry woven by those seeking their deepest desires and fantasies. It’s healthy. It’s normal. Sex is the essence of our humanity, the way we show love and fulfil our destiny by continuing the species. Grooming

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Marquis de Sade – Life, Books and Debauchery

The Marquis de Sade plucked reluctant virgins, debauched serving girls, beat his wife, seduced her sister, practised sodomy and wrote stories featuring rape, incest, necrophilia, torture and bestiality. He was also a war hero, lent his name to the word sadism and practically invented the erotic genre. Two hundred years after his death in 1814, the Marquis de Sade’s books are still in print and are being reassessed by academics

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Squirting Girls in French Watersports Survey

Squirting is in the news and it made me so mad I screamed out the window and frightened the pigeons in the tree in the garden next door. Let me start by saying this: Eve was not constructed from Adam’s rib. Females do not have a prostate. Squirting evidence on YouPorn is convincing (and mesmerising). And not only the porn sites. Proof of effective squirting has reached me through comments on

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