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Virgin Sacrifice & Why Men Desire Virgins

Joan of Arc was 19 when they burnt her at the stake in 1431 and I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the reasons why she had to be sacrificed was because she was still a virgin. Men crave virgins, dream of virgins, they will give ten years off the end of their lives to pop a virgin. And here was Joan in shiny armour, wielding a sword and shielding her proud little hymen like a secret weapon. If ever there was ever a girl wailing to be a virgin sacrifice, Jeanne d’Arc’s cries still echo through there ages.image shows nice girl for virgin sacrifice

The Maid of Orléans came from a peasant family. At an early age she heard the voice of God, who was French, and saw visions of herself leading armies in battle to liberate France from the English in the Hundred Years’ War. The war ended with Charles VII being crowned King of France and Joan a handful of ash scattered on the wind.

Before the peace treaty was signed, Joan had been betrayed by a group of pagans. She was sold to the English, put on trial and committed to the flames after being found guilty of heresy – a witch as well as a virgin. Twenty-five years later, the Church proclaimed Joan innocent, she was declared a martyr and waited 500 years to be made a saint.

Iconic Virgin Sacrifice

Why the long wait? She was a virgin. She had to pay. Men are obsessed. The first thing on men’s minds at the end of battle is to burn the library and rape the virgins. They want to be first, add a fresh notch to the gun, a memory like a tattoo that will last forever. Joan had to be chastised, castigated, disciplined – for five centuries – for failing to do that ladylike thing and hand over her maidenhead. The fact that she remained intacta turned Jeanne d’Arc into a cultural icon. Books, plays, movies, poems, there’s even a video game featuring the vestal warrior with blue-eyes, blonde curls and breasts to die for.

In primitive times, when the crops failed, or a volcano erupted, our ancestors placated the Gods with a sacrifice. A virgin sacrifice, obviously, a girl just stepping from childhood to girlhood and, naturally, the prettiest in the tribe. It doesn’t matter how old men get, how close they are to death, they still have an eye for the maiden.

As beautiful women learn early, beauty is a burden as well as a gift. Beauty puts less desirable women on edge and torments the life out of men. A cute girl suggests that unsullied part of her that men want most. The fact that only one man is going to seize the prize provides a logic to her slaughter and, paradoxically, while man is born adoring beauty, just below the surface he carries a predisposition, a gut feeling that beauty should be profaned, scarred, destroyed, and there is no more conclusive way to obliterate beauty than in a virgin sacrifice, as Joan of Arc discovered at the hands of the heathen English.

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29 Discussions on
“Virgin Sacrifice & Why Men Desire Virgins”
  • I agree with your post. There is a part in the male psyche that wants to sully the pure, and is obsessed with being the first to liberate a virgin from the curse of her virginity. Virgin sacrifices? That’s absolutely nuts, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t take place throughout history. There is only one solution to the problem-get rid of that hymen as soon as you can, and then you’re safe-that seems to be the moral of this story :-) Great essay, I loved reading it.

  • I am yet to make my mind on what I think of Virgin sacrifice; I don’t think it is over yet, it isn’t. But it does remind me of a certain excerpt by Amrita Pritam in “The Virgin” which goes like

    When I moved into your bed
    I was not alone— there were
    two of us
    A married woman and a virgin
    To sleep with you
    I had to offer the virgin in
    I did so
    This slaughter is permissible
    in law
    Not the indignity of it
    And I bore the onslaught of
    the insult
    The next morning
    I looked at my blood stained
    I washed my hands
    But the moment I stood
    before the mirror
    I found her standing there
    The one whom I thought I
    had slaughtered last night
    Oh God!
    Was it too dark in your bed
    I had to kill one and I killed
    the other ?

    But yes, it is hard to resist the seduction of virtue that a virgin is capable of, even when she doesn’t want it. Men, seldom think with their heads when it comes to carnal motives.

    Interesting read :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  • I have done this deed twice and did not relish it; too much responsibility. Virgins don’t give much back in response, either. Perhaps I just didn’t do it well, but when you’re loving a woman, it’s nice to feel as if it’s a mutual engagement, rather than being hired to facillitate a girl’s passage to womanhood. I certainly would not pursue a girl’s virginity.

  • I was under the impression men didn’t like being the first, too much responsibility. He will always be in the back of her mind, and a scale upon which all others will be judged. Great article :)

  • Men obviously need to sacrifice something Chloe, and the sacrifice usually tends to be whatever appears to offer the least resistance. Not forgetting the inclination to possess what others do not have.

  • My preference would to not be with a virgin, not because of the responsibility, but simply out of selfishness – I want the act of sex or fucking to be mutually enjoyable, not filled with trepidation or nervousness or fear. I prefer a woman who knows what she wants and is both pliant and bold who wants to be taken and take in return. I wouldn’t give up ten years of my life to ‘pop’ a virgin.
    The attitudes that still seem to focus on virginity and ‘virgin sacrifice’ in this age are bizarre to me, and perpetuate the standards of inequality and sexism that are rampant among all of society – I understand the power and virility associated with ‘laying claim’ to something, but the idea that the male is, has been and will always be the despoiler is limiting to both sexes.

    The attitudes that still seem to focus on virgin sacrifice in this age are bizarre to me, and perpetuate the standards of inequality and sexism that are rampant among all of society – I understand the ‘laying claim’ to something, but the idea that the male is and always has been the primary

  • While this essay as well as all the comments/opinions are to be celebrated for their simple freedom of expression, and while neither I nor anyone else has the power to bestow or deny that validity which is innate in the expressing, the flaw will always remain this: Generalizations or all-inclusive pronouncements as to the nature and predilections belonging to any subset of beings are doomed to failure, especially when employed as bedrock thesis for extrapolations thereof. The argument or dialogue will never succeed unless and until one grants the impossibility of that generalization which results from the divine and solitary uniqueness which belongs as birthright to each and every being.
    This fact alone, in addition to myriad religious, political and social factors leading to the conviction, sentencing and execution of Joan (Jehanne) La Pucelles unfortunately leave this discussion narrow & myopic.

  • I was cured of virgin obsession early, when I lost my own virginity to a virgin, both of us 16 years old. I’ve slept with virgins since then – not out of choice. What a hassle. It’s not mutually hot sex but like a training session and an operation wrapped up in one, or a series of them if you can’t finish the job in one shot. I have always preferred older (30-50s), sexually mature and confident women, and younger women only when they’re already sexually confident and experienced. Gorgeous pic for this article, though.

  • Love the topic. I think some men/boys do tend to celebrate the taking of a virgin. I think the idea of being first gives them a big head, (no pun intended) the ability to conquer and tread where no other has been. Who remembers their first time, I do, and I have to admit it could have been much better with a man who had the expertise of virgin snatching or even one who could recognize when one is not ready to be plucked. The mind must be primed and ready as well as the body.

  • I think it speaks to men’s insecurity of women having previous sexual partners, which links to their urge to dominate and possess. I’m still conviced that the majority of this psychology is socialised. I’m not sure whether you will agree, Chloe.

  • Wow… I never read a more convoluted, logically all-over-the place piece of… essay. This is not A leads to B leads to C (how they teach you at Cambridge). This is A leads to Y leads to P and then leads to f-ing W. Dios Mio! And Madre Dios, too. She was the ultimate Virgin, by the way. And she’t totally missing from this historical rhetorical hotchpotch about Joan of Arc and primitive virgin sacrifices and witches and men who shave off ten years of their life to pop unbitten cherries. Dang! Somebody either smoked something good (is pot legal in UK?), or has… a bone to pick with (a few) men out there. Bastards… What’s Joan of Arc gotta do with the price of tea in China? How about taking a poll, huh? A survey of sorts. And first try to determine whether men like deflowering women? I know a guy who deflowered three. He’s the champ! The dude didn’t have a choice. He kept recycling virgins as his girlfriends. He still has nightmares (now and then) about all three experiences. Madre Diabolos. What a nasty, dirty, (bloody, pardon my Dutch) business. He took an oath: NEVER AGAIN! Maybe at 14, boys dream about popping cherries, but men — that is 21 and older — know better, or they find out real fast that that’s not how the cookie crumbles. That’s better to have somebody crumble the cookie before you, so you can enjoy the fluffy crumbs… Dear Miss Thurlow, we wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope Baby Jesus will be kind to you this year and chase the douche away, but, please don’t lump all the men in one bag. Some (of us) do not like virgins. And we do not burn witches at stake either. Yes, all men love beauty, quite a profound statement, but there are a few left out there who have a rather elaborate definition of beauty, with a little bit more substance than just… skin deep, or skin thick, to stay within the theme of this essay. Truly Yours, The Champ.

  • I would like to say that if a man really loves a woman, then it should not matter if she is a virgin or not. He should love her for who she is, and not because of her virginity. A man who is not a virgin does not deserve a woman who has never had consensual sex. Also, men who are fornicators are more likely to be unfaithful and get divorced.

  • As usual Chloe a brilliant & historically accurate account of a shameful example of abuse, fear & jealousy!! Joan of Arcs potency as a strong female figure who was sexually secure within her own skin in a time when females we’re taught to be submissive & obedient, is a shadow for insecure men to hide under while declaring they’ve learned and a feministic badge for those of us who remember & honor the lives of those great women who helped to liberate us. I’d love to think that we’ve erased any sign of that ignorance. But then I just watched a special on the Crime Channel that was an in depth look into the world of human trafficking. And guess what? Virgins deliver the highest $ amount to those filthy bastards who purchase them as if they’re nothing but Grade-A quality meat! So…in conclusion, I believe Joan of Arc did in fact help us as women to find much freedom in our sexual power & independance; but we should never get into a complacent position where we say: “We’re fine!! And it’s posts like yours that inspires those very feelings & forces us to compare & see where we’ve grown & we’re we need to keep working. A most excellent post our friend, sharing now.

  • I do love the unusual take on the Joan of Arc story, another unique blog like so many this year and I look forward to reading more in 2014. Thank you, Chloe, a Happy New Year.

  • Chloe, you might take a look at Joan of Arc. It’s a fascinating book, and it’s a shock to see Mark Twain wrote it. It’s not true that women have historically appeared in fiction only as either virgins or whores. Women also have been stereotyped as either saints or witches. From ancient times on, witches have been routinely executed. The better argument, I think, is that Joan was sacrificed because of the fear of her power. The men in authority saw her as either a witch or saint and chose the former.

    It’s an error to write that men, at some gut level, wish to destroy and profane beauty. Religious myths are replete with deities unhappy with inadequate sacrifices. The question you raise is why were virgins considered the best humans had to offer to placate the supernatural. Maybe to render the power of those like Joan void, but not because of men’s gut instinct to destroy beauty. This sounds like a supposition looking for evidence.

    Thanks for writing this provocative blog post.

  • I’ve never “popped a virgin” although it crossed my mind as I matured throughout my manhood years. I had fantasies like most men do of “popping” ( I like that word:-) a virgin. At the tender teenage of 17 I was still a virgin and had the delightful experience of having MY virginity “Popped” caressed and taken all in by a 23 year old beauty. I’m certain she enjoyed every succulent minute of taking mine.

  • I’ve only ‘popped’ one virgin. Both of us were twenty and virgins. We had been dating for a year. She was always ready to kiss and caress and we even did that naked, but she drew the line at penetrative sex. One day, it just sort of happened without any pre-planning (on my part, at least) and without any family planning either, so I had to stop!
    But oh how she changed after that date! Suddenly she was very interested in sex and we were at it like the proverbial rabbits—and remained so until long after we married.
    Sadly, it ended after she had an operation and we’re back to square one, but I wouldn’t want another virgin, even if she were to volunteer. Deflowering is not a job for a sensitive man!

  • Correct me if I am wrong, didn’t Prince C marry Princess D primarily because she was pure? In the end, the marriage did not work out, and Prince C went back to the woman whom he actually loved.

  • Joan of ARC was always my favorite of all of the saints. I studied her prayer although I was not catholic. I still love the sacrifice she made to GOD, she was faithful to GOD. Like a virgin would be to her first. I believe she saved herself for him. She was the embodiment of faith, and what faith is and should be.

  • I like that idea that teenage virgins have to be sacrificed so no one else can have them. There is a lot of truth in that. What sexy young girls don´t realise when they walk half naked down the street is the men lusting after them feel annoyance not pleasure because they know they can never have them. Frankly, most men would rather see them covered up.

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