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5 Types of Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm: A Journey

There are five types of female orgasm. That’s right FIVE. I have friends who know them all as intimately as the five fingers of their favourite hand and others who have never had a truly heart-thumping exploding climax. And that’s sad. Here are the five types: Clitoral; G-spot; Simultaneous; Multiple, Female Ejaculation, or Squirting.image of girl thinking about orgasm

First some anatomy. The clitoris is an almost invisible bell-shaped button inside the inner lips of the vagina that sleeps beneath a hood of soft silky flesh. The G-spot is about one inch, or two centimetres, inside the vagina at the top of the tunnel, a tangle of nerve endings easily missed. The penis is out there like the prow of a ship – bold, thrusting, obvious. The clitoris and G-spot are subtle, temperamental, easily offended. Serve them well and you begin the erotic journey to the female orgasm:

Female Orgasm Exposed

  1. Clitoral. Best achieved with the tip of the tongue or the pad of a solicitous finger, gently nurse this tiny sense vector and the orgasm will appear like a gentle breeze, a spasm, a lurch of the stomach, and very nice indeed.
  2. G-spot. Using a beckoning motion with one or two fingers, or a vaginal toy – they come in all shapes and sizes – stimulating the G-spot will take the lucky lady to the second level, an orgasm like an incoming tide of sensory pleasure and the dawning realization that there is more. Much more.
  3. Simultaneous. The simultaneous female orgasm takes you beyond the halfway stage. Like crossing the Rubicon, there is no way back. This more luxurious, more plentiful orgasm (a 3-star hotel with a view) requires a lover who can move rhythmically inside the vagina in such a way that the clitoris at the entrance is tenderly stroked while the G-spot is massaged until the vibrations connect like two terminals on a battery and the charge lights the whole body like a city at night. The simultaneous orgasm makes a girl’s toes curl, her back will arch and she will impress the neighbours with her cries for more.
  4. Multiple. Much like the simultaneous orgasm, the multiple female orgasm requires the same technique, the same patience, the same selflessness (read that word again, guys) – but with more stamina. A man on reaching orgasm is quick to turn soft and sigh with a feeling of a job well done. The man who can keep going, who holds back, who practises some tantric restraint, that is the man who can take the simultaneous orgasm from mountain peak to mountain peak in a flurry of multiple orgasms she will never forget.
  5. Female Ejaculation, or Squirting. This, the supreme of female pleasure, again requires some anatomy. The walls of the vagina are lined with a sponge like tissue called ‘skeene’ glands. During the stimulation of the G-spot, the sponges absorb a milky fluid akin to semen that seeps into the urethra. The more foreplay, the more care and patience, the more the sponges overflow into the urethra. When the contractions erupt, the pressure forces the ejaculation in a water-pistol squirt of warm jism just like the boys and, with practise, potentially even more impressive. Some people mistakenly believe this is urine. It’s not. Taste it and see.

It wasn’t that long ago when there were those, well, men, who believed ejaculation was the male preserve, that the clitoris was fiction, like the Abominable Snowman, that women were passive receptors designed solely for male pleasure. In Victorian times, women who discovered the orgasm by themselves, or with their girlfriends, were in danger, if they were caught, of being labelled hysterics and locked in the loony bin.

It’s not hard to understand why. A really good squirting sends shudders through the entire body and can leave you shaking with indescribable joy for absolutely ages. The female orgasm has always been a mystery and, as I advise friends as they sip soda water over lunch, it is our duty to probe its depths as often as we possibly can.

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“5 Types of Female Orgasm”
  • Wonderful post. They still fail to acknowledge so much about orgasms and the entire sexual experience. They seem to never research a males either since there is so much more too it, nearly like a woman’s experience.

  • What about anal sweetie? I have had that. ;) And I have only ever heard it called vaginal, is G-spot the technical term for it? I have learned something from your post, so thank you. xxSuzy

  • I wish there were articles like this when I was in my twenties and thirties. It’s taken for my children to leave home and my venture into erotic romance, to realise just exactly what I’ve been missing out on. I too was surprised on my first and only experience with squirting, however the orgasm was incredible, and self administered I might add.
    Thank you for reminding us that we deserve it all too!

    • Female orgasm is unfortunately ignored a lot of the time and not given as much attention as men’s. Even in this day and time some people still dismiss female ejaculation, which is very sad. I’ve heard so many women say that they had squirting orgasms before, but that they were made to feel so bad and dirty by their partners who’d that they’d in fact urinated while making love. Which is absolutely not true at all. G-spot orgasm or squirting is as real and normal as men’s. However more awareness is needed to open people’s eyes as far as this is concerned. Thanks Chloe for raising this awareness in your books.

  • Chloe, have you seen this article about the internal structure of the clitoris? The clitoris is not just the tiny button that protrudes; that’s the tip of the clitoris. The main structure extends inside with various tentacles and wraps completely around the vagina. So all the different kinds of orgasms you list may be related:

    I’m not a woman, but from what I’ve read and heard, the most powerful type of female orgasm is the squirting orgasm (which may also be related to the internal clitoris). In recent years female squirters are all over pornography – once these porn stars realized how much money there is in it – which has had the benefit of proving the existence of female ejaculation without a doubt. I’ve also been fortunate to have slept with a few women who could ejaculate. Incidentally, I hear that THE most powerful type of orgasm both men and women can experience (though I’ve never tried) is the anal orgasm from being fisted by an experienced fister. The hand is able to stimulate the whole interior genital region around the prostate in men and the “female prostate” – otherwise known as the Skene’s gland that you refer to above.

  • Love your post, Chloe. Very interesting. I am happy to say that I have experienced all of those variations, and some others, too, although I have to be honest and say it helps if you have multiple partners helping you along. ;)

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Ashen xxx

  • Great summation of an intimate and very intricate part of human nature. There are so many variables to each type of orgasm to explore in order to achieve the fullest and deepest and most intense release. I also think it’s possible to experience more than one type of orgasm in any one lovemaking session. It’s all about knowing your body and letting your partner know what they’re doing right while they explore each nook and cranny of your body.

  • Chloe’s orgasmic blog sent me on a trip to my past.

    My first orgasm was delivered by a married man. He was useful and besotted. Nothing leading to that moment had prepared me for the exquisite physical and emotional heights that my first little death elicited. My flatmate thought I was being murdered and called the police. Maybe little death is linked to death.

    I adore the picture of the anatomy of the female sex organ. I researched it for a story; I wanted to write about the internal structure as described above in Isham’s post.

    Later in my sexual journey, Dear Reader, I experienced the anal orgasm, also mentioned in a number of posts on this blog. In my experience, now vast and varied, the anal orgasm is the sacrificial death to offer in homage to the gods. There is nothing sweeter than having the rectum packed full to bursting with cock, latex or fingers and coming, squirting… dying a little. Highly recommended. Try it alone or with friends and do tell us all about it. :-)

    Now I have great need of a little death.

    • I do adore this honest and open response to my blog and can see the correspondent as a young girl with her married man yelling so loud in orgasm that her flatmate called the police thinking she was being murdered – or worse. I expect to see this scene copied and used in an upcoming soap.

      • Considering all these emotional heights, is it possible that the female body can move briefly into a higher dimension at the peak of an intense orgasm. I read this was something that may have been practiced in ancient Egypt?

      • It is thought that before the Old Testament, Christianity and Islam, in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and India, people had a healthier attitude to sex. In the ancient Indian city of Khajaraho, 1000 year old Hindu and Jain temples are adorned with erotic sculptures depicting the sex act in every form (even those considered illegal today). The orgasm was sacred, a gift from the gods, and was thought to be one of the key ways to understanding all the mysteries of the universe. The practise of Kundalini yoga and Tantric sex is designed to provide the practitioners with a mystical experience at the time of orgasm that can be likened to a sort of ‘hysteria’ – a physical or psychological trauma that ends in profound understanding and ecstasy. A moment of nirvana.

  • The G-spot is not only sensitive but very tough. It can take a lot more stimulation than just a gentle ‘beckoning’. Starting off gently then caressing it harder and harder with one’s two middle fingers and applying strong pressure can yield a very satisfying climax. At the same time, using the heel of one’s other hand to exert a steady pressure on the area just above the woman’s public bone will intensify that climax. The reason is that you are squeezing the ‘vaginal sponge’ which stores the natural lubricating juices and this can significantly increase the sensitivity of the G-spot and the intensity of a resulting orgasm.

    After one climax, why not go for more? Unlike the clitoris, which often needs a rest before further stimulation, the G-spot is almost instantly ready for more. The second climax usually comes more quickly, the third quicker still. If the woman wants it, further stimulation of the G-spot can release more and more orgasms at ever shorter intervals, resulting in significantly elevated pleasure and the feeling of being transported into another place. There is really no end to the pleasure that can be given this way.

    With penetrative sex, the G-spot is also the place to aim at as pounding it with a penis or a suitable toy can produce similar results to manual stimulation. No-one should be afraid of trying hard pounding as the vagina is built for it.

    Will LaForge also mentions the cervical climax, which can be given by most men – not just those who are super-endowed – via a careful choice of position. It’s important to try different positions because there are nerve endings in different places in the vagina that can only be properly stimulated by the correct choice of positions.

    The satisfying anal climaxes that Elizabeth mentions should not some as a surprise; the rectum and vagina are separated only by a relatively thin (but very tough) membrane and as a result share some of the same sets of nerve endings. The fact that anal pleasure can be so easy to obtain can come as something of a surprise.

    Here’s an entertaining and informative introduction to anal pleasures that might whet the appetite …

  • OK, I’m determined to find my g-spot now…I’ve tried and given up!

    I remember ages ago hearing this woman from my open window making a sound like I’ve not made before! It was incredible and beautiful and I think she was having some orgasm.

  • Interesting omissions:
    “Anal” orgasm, nipplegasm, fellator-orgasm, (those last two pointed out to me over on my FB page by an old Friend), and FFOTD-technique orgasms, which have a character all their own.

    • As noted over at the Sideshow of Seduction, I, myself, omitted one of the nicest ways to explode in my comment above:

      The Hands-free Orgasm, a/k/a the Kegel-gasm.

  • Finally! Had to wait for my computer before I could read it. The blog was excellent. I love the way that Chloe Thurlow writes. I’ve had all orgasms mentioned except one. I have never squirted and at this point I really don’t care if I ever do. I am so blessed with a hubby who knows every physical way to give me pleasure and make me lose total control….I won’t miss the squirting. If I have to think about keeping calm and relaxed just to get there then I’m not enjoying my man to the fullest. I love the orgasm any way he gives them and my voice will raise the rafters….

  • Having had the incredible occasion to share such euphoric delight with a partner that was very well versed in the intricacies of the female anatomy, I was able to enjoy various types and multiple orgasms. There is something to be said for tantric sex and training in various principles that undoubtedly offers both (or multiple) partners incredible pleasure.

  • Wonderful blog, Chloe. I incorporated a bit of anal into my book and wrote it as a nice surprise for Laura who had never tried that before. Let’s just say, whether people want to admit it, or not, I think it turns into a nice surprise for a lot of people (in a loving, caring relationship setting, of course). Variety is good when it comes to sex, so why not try something new? You may not like it, and that’s okay, but if you do…wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on something that makes you feel good?

    It’s about time women are (I hate to use the word, but) allowed to claim the intense joy that accompanies any of those orgasms. I think what you commented above is true:

    “The orgasm was sacred, a gift from the gods, and was thought to be one of the key ways to understanding all the mysteries of the universe.”

    And what a gift it is…especially multiple (mine come in 3s like so many things in nature…a connection?). Anyway, people call out for god while they experience such delicious ecstasy, so perhaps it is a gift from the heavens, or mother nature, or whatever one believes in.

    I am a bit embarrassed to admit, before I read your explanation of number 3, simultaneous, I assumed you were referring to a couple climaxing together. Learn something new every day!

  • The first time I had an orgasm, my body reacted so strongly I thought I was having a heart attack. I don´t think it has ever been as good as that first time, not that it is ever bad. In that respect, orgasms and chocolate have a lot in common.

  • Only 5 types of female orgasm. I don´t think so. Haven´t you forgottem anal, cervical, fake, continuous, and there must be more I just can’t think of at this moment. Whatever. When it happens, when it´s real, it is great for me as well as it is for her. It´s like scoring a home run.

  • Orgasm for me is like chocolate. Any kind will do nicely, thank you. As for walking on water, that’s one miracle I have yet to experience. But I live in hope.

  • A woman at the peak of an orgasm is my 2nd favourite thing in the world.
    What’s my 1st favourite thing you ask ,,,,
    Being the person responsible for it, of course. Lol

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