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Why Girls Are Wearing Foxtails

Foxtails, Fetishes & Foxy Girls

Foxtails are furry and fun to wear. I prefer seeing foxtails on foxes. Where they belong. But, once they are freed from the fox and fitted with a butt-plug, they take on all the charms of an aphrodisiac.

Girls who hang foxtails on their bags or belts reveal a hidden desire to be hunted through the woods and taken on a bed of leaves. Stripping off and inserting a foxtail feels as if you are obeying your natural instincts.

1 foxtailMen have always hunted foxes and always called women foxy. A total fox. A real vixen. Men don’t call women doggy. They call us a bitch, a cow, a snake. Foxy, on the other hand, is enigmatic, steeped in myth. Being foxy suggests that a girl is good in the sack. It is loosely flattering, but carries the subtext that a foxy girl is as quick as a fox, as sly as a fox, a shapeshifter.

Women are not likened to the orang-utang, zebra, elephant, tiger or horse. A pony-girl, of course, carries different connotations. Some men have enjoyed having lion tagged on to their name: Richard the Lionheart, Haile Selassie, Lion of Judah. Men relish being compared to eagles, raging bulls, sharks. Girls at one time were called birds. Never fish or dolphins, and whales would be pejorative.

Foxtails Through the Ages

Foxtails are becoming something of a fetish. They are virtually de rigueur at modern-day medieval fairs, but lacking now, I’m sure, is the jolly debauchery of Elizabethan times. Back then, young wenches at Renaissance Fairs would wear a foxtail so that it would attract fleas (I’m not kidding) – and ensure that their bodies were flea-free for their lovers. As Michael Starnes reports at New “You only sleep alone at the Renaissance Fair when you want to sleep alone.”

Foxtails came to represent sexual status. A woman wearing many tails was boasting how many lovers she had had, while a single tail worn as a stole made it clear she was looking for some creature comfort. Those neurotic Victorian ladies with foxtail collars were letting it be known that they were foxy, even if they didn’t realise it. My Grandma wore a foxtail and I look just like her!

Rosemary Horrox in her study, The Black Death, quotes from a 1344 entry by John of Reading in his Chronica Johannis de Reading et Anonymi Cantuariensis, that ‘women were wearing clothes so tight that they wore a fox tail hanging down inside their skirts at the back to hide their arses.’ John of Reading equates this immodesty in dress with the sin of pride and complains that it will surely bring down ‘future misfortune.’ What a killjoy!

Foxtail Butt-Plugs

The Romans regarded foxes as fire demons, perhaps because of their reddish coats. In Christian mythology, the fox is associated with the devil. Japanese legends tell of fox spirits called kitsune that can turn themselves into people, a present-day Japanese cult followed across the world. American Indians, Eskimos and across Asia, the fox characterises sexual seductiveness. There are many folk talks of foxes turning into beautiful young women and beautiful young women turning foxy.

Louis Vuitton hangs foxtail tassels on his tote bags, a foxtail keying is considered lucky, and foxtail butt-plugs are available in a palette of designs, even from those masters of decorum at Amazon.3 girls wearing foxtails

Contemporary butt-plugs are snug, hygienic and comfortable. Inserting a plug makes the vagina tighter by reducing the amount of space in the pelvis. This heightens the sensation on the vaginal walls by increasing pressure during intercourse and oral sex. Contractions around the plug are more intense and you know what intense contractions mean: more intense orgasms. Before anal sex, wash plugs in lube to prepare the passage for penetration.

Why foxtails? Just as Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident scraping mould from the dinner plates, those renaissance maidens plagued by fleas found that the butt-end of a foxtail inserted in their bums both heightened sexual pleasure and added a primal kink making love with a nice furry tail sliding about between them and their lovers.

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