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30 Things To Do Before 30

Thirty is a turning point. You are no longer in your twenties, clearly, but you are still young enough for there to be things that you feel you should have done and have yet to do.

I have compiled this list (which I have yet to complete) to both inspire and make readers think outside their own personal box. The list is designed for self-growth, and for fun. Some of the suggestions you should begin before you are 30 and completion may take a lifetime.

  1. Spend a year living abroad.
  2. Learn a foreign language; Nelson Mandela said – If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
  3. Work as a volunteer in you local community.
  4. Learn a skill that needs your hands more than your head: pottery, carpentry, life-drawing, tassel-making, something madly original.
  5. Make a New Year Resolution as you watch the sunrise on the first day of a new year.
  6. Go alone on holiday for a week to a place where no one knows you.
  7. Make up a broken friendship.
  8. Surprise your parents with unexpected tickets to a musical, the theatre, or a ballet.
  9. Go on a yoga retreat without your cell phone.
  10. Give up smoking.
  11. Read The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart.
  12. Watch the movie Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal.
  13. Watch the TV series Homeland with Claire Danes.
  14. Visit the Louvre in Paris to see the Mona Lisa.
  15. Keep a diary. Write about the things happening around you and how you feel about those things. When you read the entries back later, you will see if your opinions have changed and why they have changed.
  16. Ride a camel around the Great Pyramid at Giza.
  17. Complete a parachute jump.
  18. Get so drunk you fall over, vow never to do it again, and keep your vow.
  19. Learn to dive (so you can see tropical fish in their own habitat).
  20. Plant a tree. Look after the Earth. The Planet belongs to us all.
  21. Apologise to your mother or father or best friend after an argument even if you believe you were in the right.
  22. Respond to old friends who have posted on Facebook; they might be feeling lost or lonely and need a friend.
  23. Decorate your room in a new way that surprises even yourself.
  24. Go somewhere remote – Patagonia, Kathmandu, Mount Kilimanjaro; do your own research, make your own plans and go with a friend, not on a package.
  25. Learn the rules, so you know whether or not you are breaking them.
  26. If you discover you are on the wrong road, turn back. If you keep going, you will end up lost.
  27. Learn not to be possessed by your possessions. Anything in your closet you have not worn for two years, give to a charity shop.
  28. Don’t do things because they are easy, take on challenges, do things that are difficult so that you expand your mind and expand yourself. The secret, if there is a secret, is to discover what you are good at and then do it, whatever it is.
  29. Stop waiting for signs. When you stop looking, they appear.
  30. Socrates said: To find yourself, think for yourself. Apply this advice when you choose clothes, gifts, holiday destinations; and think about both sides of the argument in politics and environmental issues. In everything. If you don’t start thinking for yourself before you are 30, you never will.

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  • Thanks for sharing this link, Ingrid. What a terrific list. 30 was so long ago for me all I remember was 10 and 18. Although I’ve no intention of riding a camel around the pyramids. They were much better on foot.

  • I was 30 in 1972. You were not even born. I did most of the things in that list, but it took longer than 30 years. In 1972 Watergate happened, Jane Fonda had a photo op in Vietnam that she learned to regret, Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky at chess, England went to war with Iceland over cod, and Apollo 17 landed on the moon.

    • I loved history in college and almost majored in it (until I learned there’s no future in it). I knew all these things except the great Cod War of ’72. That must’ve been an interesting footnote.

      What advice do you have for us kids? Is Chloe’s list solid? Or should we add getting arrested in a protest march or something?

      • I like that: no future in history. Should we get arrested marching in protest – I am not sure about getting arrested, but, yes, we should be marching. Since the 2007/08 crisis, rights our grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought for in the 1930s have steadily been peeled away from ordinary people. Laws leading to social justice and greater equitability made between 1945 and 1979 have been reversed in the last few years and will not return for generations, if ever.

  • Having long past 30, I realise there is so much I haven’t done and I will now set about doing those I have missed. Patagonia here I come…

  • Wow — super-odd! Not your post, but what happened after I found out about it!

    I found out about it via pinterest (a pin posted by a friend cited a line). Oddball #1 is that I can’t find the quote in the post. I think some people may find a text they want to quote, and for some reason get the URL wrong. Whatever.

    Oddball #2 is that you were unavailable via a work computer (at an academic institution, no less)! :O This is still unfathomable to me. How can any place that calls itself a university censor its users that way?!? I can’t even begin to grasp this — and TBH I don’t even want to, either.

    Anyways: I wrote about the thing you apparently didn’t say (at least not in this post). Here:

    :) nmw

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