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Cervical Orgasm – What is it? How Can I Have One?

Cervical orgasm is the Big Bang that begins life, an upsurge of pleasure that spreads through the entire body until your toes tingle, your eyes press shut and you become weightless, a celestial star released from

Clitoral and related female orgasms arise from pelvic contractions that build to a climax by stimulating the pudendal nerve-system. Cervical orgasm results from exciting the hypo-gastric and vagus nerve-systems and can last for hours.

The cervix, Latin for neck, is a slender tube about the size of a pen top situated in the heart of the vagina at the entrance to the uterus. With its sense cells and fizzing nerve endings, the canal dilates and contracts during sex, releasing a silky ooze of females juices that help the male seeds survive on their journey to the waiting egg.

Great mysteries and great luck come in sevens. There are Seven Wonders of the World. Seven Ages of Man. Seven Female Orgasms:

  1. clitoral
  2. g-spot
  3. simultaneous
  4. multiple
  5. female ejaculation (also called squirting)
  6. anal
  7. cervical

Cervical orgasm is the pyramid’s capstone. The answer to the question you never thought of asking. The 8th Wonder of the World.

Cervical Orgasm & Reflexology

When a woman is fully aroused, the uterus and cervix rise up, creating space in the vagina for the penis or a sex toy. When the cervix stretches open, fairy lights glitter in the nerve complex and the orgasm when reached rolls on like a slowly erupting volcano. If the woman is not aroused, the cervix doesn’t open and the head of the penis hammering against the gates is unpleasant, even painful.

The sensation of cervical orgasm has been described as that feeling of love two people share. It is explained in reflexology by the cervix being aligned to the heart. Reflexology is a form of massage used to lessen anxiety and treat illness by applying pressure at reflex points, or acupressure points, on the feet, hands and head.

Massaging the cervix points can be profoundly healing, “opening a woman’s heart so she is better able to receive and give love,” according to Tamra Mercieca, writing in Nature & Health. “Once this area is awoken, a woman can experience a ‘heart-gasm,’ or full-body orgasm. Not only will you experience deeper pleasure, but you will keep the body healthy.”

During orgasm, the body releases oxytocin, a hormone that aids happiness, reduces stress and regulates the menstrual cycle. There is no such thing as a bad orgasm, but only cervical orgasm is thought to be unique in that it opens the mind to that thing we call love.

Achieving Cervical Orgasm

What is the best position for cervical orgasm? On hands and knees, doggy style. You need to be comfortable, uninhibited and prepared for deep penetration by a penis or a partner with a dildo.

Orgasm is release. If you are holding on to thoughts outside the experience of making love, if you have doubts or tension, the cervix remains stubbornly closed. That narrow neck like a pen top opens when you relax and your partner begins with cunnilingus, the more the better, and continues with patient fingering.

When you become tranquil, when all thoughts drift from your head, the cervix grows slippery with syrupy mucus and the doorway to heaven springs open.

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“Cervical Orgasm – What is it? How Can I Have One?”
  • Did you know when a WOMAN GIVES birth naturally she has this KIND OF ORGASM……….. amazing moment privately for a woman and surprised me as i have given birth to one beautiful only child Daughter.

    Further…..i love the science here Chloe and education you are offering.

    I find working with women and as an author too…this mystique of our sexuality and learning about our bodies comes with experience. Frankly though each female must explore that for themselves and we figure out so many phases of this. Sometimes by pure accident.

    The more we ‘talk’ and discuss this subject the more we learn about ourselves and grow and enlighten about our female bodies.

    I also love the fact one can learn by reading, watching videos, and doing girl talk. It is much how each needs to explore and hopefully as i speak as a mother now ..without STD matters or into kinky abuse stuff.

    Our bodies are sacred and the living Temples of which Cosmic Stories may be written upon and from. It is amazing how much we are learning about the organic self and our sexual side. But, keep it sacred and check things out before you jump into the PLAY ROOM…

    On an energy level EVERY PERSON you sleep with leaves an energy mark and cords in you and every person you LOVE does too. BE SELECTIVE and ENJOY as our HEARTS our in our bodies and treat it well and love well and safely and ENJOY all the various ORGASMS..
    Erotica starts in the MIND first and the chemical reaction is a DRUG.

    Thank you CHLOE and Blessings for HOLIDAYS and NEW Year.
    Write on dear love your blogs..

    Roshandra, warmly writing on…

  • Wow, so that’s why my ex, Iya liked fisting so much. It took a while to get her into the right place mentally and physically, but once the pounding started, she was in an unbelievable state. Thanks for the explanation! I’ve learned something new. (Don’t say the snarky remark I know you’re thinking :)


  • Chloe as informative as ever. I read somewhere you have a new book coming out next year – and not before time. I shall be the first to buy it.

    • Like you, Debb, this is all new and exciting to me. Reading Chloe’s posts is like going back to school. You never know what you are going to learn next.

  • Such an amazing blog, Chloe. I always learn something new reading your missives and now I have something I will pursue until I have one of those life changing orgasms myself.

  • You make it sound easy. I can assure you it’s not easy for either partner to get it right. It’s like threading a needle with your eyes closed.

    • Rob,
      Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. I think sexuality, and more importantly, how to please your partner sexually, is one of the most harrowing to navigate. It is far from easy. And ideas, like this one, are coming along all the time. There’s always something, for both of you, to learn. Know that whatever you give and do is amazing. What will come will come. Literally and figuratively. :)


  • Good God, this is wonderful. I’ve had these and could not understand what the hell was happening to me. I usually cry during these, they are so intense. Also, like another poster said, you can have these during birth, as I did with my first child.

    Thank you! I am smiling.


  • Reading your posts makes life sound so exciting and my own life a little dull. 2015 is almost on us and I plan to make it a more exciting year than ever before. Please keep up your wonderful posts. Ally xxxxx

  • Hello Chloe,

    I am new to your website, and have to remark that I find your writing style very enthralling and helpful in equal measures.
    With my currently lover, I feel quite restricted sexually. I would like to totally immerse myself in her and put all my cards on the table – so to speak, between the sheets but she has a very low threshold for pleasure. She has been open with me and described the feeling of nearly blacking out during penetration or when I’m going down on her.
    If you’ve any knowledge in this field on your own discovery or through shared experiences, I’d like to know how I can help her embrace the feeling and overcome the fear? Nothing is quite as fulfilling to me than bringing her off and I want to give as much as I can.

      • Thank you. Your perspective on sexuality is very refreshing. I’ll take that away and return with a loftier tone.

  • My fiancé has given me these orgasms! I don’t know how to even express how amazing it was! I miss him so much! We haven’t seen each other in two months, and I can’t wait to have more when I see him in two weeks! Thank you for your wonderful insight. I’m excited to learn more not that I know about your blogs and books!

  • Awesome article as always Miss Thurlow! It is my understanding and experience that the cervical ejaculate is much thicker and creamier than the other forms of female ejaculate. I always marvel at how great minds really do think alike, I recently wrote my own blog about female ejaculation (amrita) or ‘squirting’ as it is more commonly known that was featured on and we had discussed a follow up piece on the different kinds of orgasm, which you have already done! Yay! I love what you write and equally I enjoy writing from my own experience around sex and sexuality.

    If anyone has an interest in reading my article on female ejaculation and my experiences with it, you can find it here;

    Big Love – Ares <3

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