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How Do You Know if You Are Falling in Love?

image shows girl falling in loveFalling in love is like standing in the middle of a burning bridge. Which way do you run? Back into the smoky ruins of the past? Or forward into the heat and passion of the unknown?

Love grabs your heart in a clenched fist. It’s hard to breathe. When you are falling in love, you are afraid of falling out of love. If you are in love, you are petrified that the object of your love doesn’t love you.

Falling in love makes you feel instantly vulnerable and ecstatic. Food tastes better. You eat more without getting fat. You drink champagne and your head doesn’t so much spin as waft you into a trance.

When you fall in love, everything is impregnated with new meaning. It is as if you suddenly have borderline personality disorder. Falling in love is a fantasy, a riddle, a puff of air you can’t pin down, you can’t name, you can’t see. Love is invisible, indefinable, as inscrutable as that moment between sleeping and waking.

Falling in love is like skydiving the first time from a plane afraid that your parachute isn’t going to open. You tug the rip cord and send a prayer to Eros. Falling in love is like falling into a black hole in space, a vacuum where time stretches and bends.

When you are falling in love, you suffer a weird neuralgia. Your teeth ache. Your fingers tingle. Your armpits prickle. You need to go to the bathroom all of the time. In the mirror’s reflection you see a different version of yourself. You can’t sleep. You laugh for no reason. You walk into doors.

Love is like the universe, not more mysterious than we understand, but more mysterious than we can understand.

Is Katie Falling in Love?

In my new novel Katie in Love, Katie Boyd feels soon after she meets Tom Bridge that her entire nervous system has gone out of sync. She struggles against this feeling. She didn’t expect to fall in love, she doesn’t want to fall in love, and believes that falling in love will steal her freedom to continue her life as a London party girl – the way she sees herself.

Having rashly chucked her floppy-haired boyfriend, she meets Tom at a party on New Year’s Eve and love between the sheets that night is everything a girl every wished for.

During the next 21 days, before Tom returns to his post as a doctor overseas, the forward action is threaded through with Katie’s reflections on her past until the present and future intersect at that point when life-changing decisions have to be made.

Katie in Love now has more than 100 5***** Reviews on Amazon. 

image shows book cover for Katie in Love

5***** “Thurlow gives Katie the power to be simultaneously in control and vulnerable—a complex duality that often transcends the page and is stimulating for all readers, male, female, etc. Meanwhile, her power of observation and insights into human nature are especially alluring for the more discerning reader –

“They see me across the rainbow of fiesta lights as a blank canvas requiring their signature in a gooey splash of scribbled jism; a column of alabaster that needs to be reshaped, their sculpting hands eager to rid me of my clothes and go to work with their carving tools. I could be perfect, just perfect, if I only gave them the chance.”


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“How Do You Know if You Are Falling in Love?”
  • When I fell in love with him, my first and my present, it was summerly romantic, butterflies and all. Almost twenty-eight years later, I remember a more dramatic moment: pregnant beyond recognition with my twins, 6 a.m., only minutes before he took me to the clinic, I got out of the shower, knelt and gave him head. He didn’t ask for one. We were both terrified. I felt like going to war; wished to comfort him – staying at home with the other kids and a senior parent.
    Thank God I came back with a demographic explosion.

  • Love is desire where you want indefinite and still make you feel restless unknowingly you forget everything that spin around you..

    Nice Chloe!

  • “Is this a question only for the girls. I read somewhere that a young women today will kiss ten boys and have two serious encounters, before choosing a partner? So what happened to the other 12 men! While men speak of “rising” to the occasion, a women will talk about “falling” in love – meaning to surrender to the loss of control. But does the ‘rising’ and the ‘falling’ symbolise the conflict between the body and the spirit, difficult…”

  • Thank you Chloe for everything you write, and for who you are. You embody the glorious, pure, authentic feminine energy, and I envy any man who has he good fortune to be offered the gift of your love.

  • Thank you for this wondrous thoughts on falling in love. Your blog reads like a beautiful poem – and I am, of course, reading the fabulous Katie in Love. It is a tour de force in every way.

  • Your writing is such a delightful experience, Chloe. “Love is invisible, indefinable, as inscrutable as that moment between sleeping and waking.” Mmmm. Delectable.

    Did I tell you I’ve been crushing on you since I read your first? Ugh, why do gay girls always fall for the straight ones? Oh well, maybe I’m neither awake nor asleep.


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