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Why Men Like To Watch Girls Peeing

Girls peeing is more fascinating to men than men peeing interests women, except with that splash of envy we feel when, caught short on the way home, he whips it out to spray the nearest wall, while you have to squat down, lower your knickers and wet your new Monolo Blahniks.image shows girl waiting to pee

Men are obsessed with breasts, they suckle on them as babies, and the allure of bottoms entices their horny hands as if with some celestial force. The appeal of girls peeing comes from some atavistic kink in the male genome. Like canines marking their territory, girls peeing is feral, primitive, earthy.

Freud described the libido as psychosexual energy: the driving force behind all human behaviour. He suggests that for a child, pleasure is derived’ learning to hold the bladder, ‘but a fixation at this stage can result in a personality that is too rigid.’ Put another way, girls peeing for watching eyes is a release from the rigidity of contemporary society, a tiny rebellion.

If we go back to our cavemen ancestors, girls peeing whenever they wanted and wherever they squatted was normal. That feeling of sliding back into your primordial skin is inborn and curiously sensual. It’s like going naked in public, or peeing in the sea. You are doing what came natural before shame and the fig leaf entered Eden.

Girls Peeing on Jellyfish Stings

 I would like to dispel two myths:

  1. Pee on jellyfish stings does not relieve pain. It makes it worse. The only relief is bathing (without touching) the sting with sea water drawn away from the area where the sting occurred. Then go to the pharmacist for some cream.
  1. Drinking your own (or anyone else’s) pee is NOT good for you, except on that rare happenstance when you are lost without water in the middle of the desert. Our urinary tract is layered in bacteria and urine is a secondary waste disposal mechanism removing used blood, toxins and dead cells.

Having said that, across the palette of fetishes from girls peeing on their partner or being peed upon, bathing in pee, watching others wet themselves, wetting the bed and sniffing pee-soaked clothing, while drinking each other’s urine does nothing for your health, it is perfectly acceptable if that’s what floats your boat, although I would suggest champagne, or cava, same colour and a better buzz.

In a world in crisis growing tougher for more people and in more complex ways, baby role play (paraphilic infantilism) has been rebranded as: Adult Babies Wearing Diapers (ABWD) with support and contact groups on Facebook and other social platforms.

Baby suckles from a bottle, cries, wets herself (it’s usually girls peeing their diapers) and daddy gets off on cleaning her up. Note: infantalists are not paedophiles but adults with “altered lovemaps, imprinting gone awry and errors in erotic targets,” says Wikipedia.

The Japanese have a predilection for Omorashi – holding your pee until you are ready to burst in order to give pleasure to yourself and for those watching your discomfort. It takes all sorts.

The ever-inventive Brits have created Pussing – girls peeing in public places like pubs or the office, so their partner but no one else can watch, the pleasure being, one assumes, in getting caught out.

Peeing fetishes are called watersports, golden showers and, to get classical, urolagnia, from the Greek ouron, urine, and lagneia, a lovely word meaning lust. Happy peeing…

Got to rush…

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“Why Men Like To Watch Girls Peeing”
  • Yes,very interesting subject men do get turned on by watching and also listening to women peeing , in a matter of fact in some sex books written by sex therapists it is encouraged for couples either watch their partners pee or stand out side the toilet door and listen to each other as this triggers your sexual scenes in the brain and feelings to activate ,especially if people have low self worth or no idea of sex what so ever and their is a multitude of people who have been taught that down there is dirty or unclean and should not be touched .Which brings us to ask the question what sex education did you get as a child ? Watching does turn you on at lest i do any way with my partner or wife .Today’s topic is fantastic as usual thank you so much

    • Tony,

      I’m grateful to read a comment by someone who has an appreciation for this activity. I describe in my own comment my inability to understand this desire until reading Chloe’s article. I now understand it in ways I was previously incapable of but I didn’t develop an interest myself.

      I find your own experiences with it interesting as they are contrary to mine. I was in a 10 year monogamous relationship, married for most of that time while living together in a 500 sq. ft. (46.5 m2) Manhattan apartment, privacy wasn’t a word in our lexicon. Hearing one another pee happened door closed or open, it was part of everyday living just as so much else that happens within a home is, we didn’t give it any special consideration and we never had alternative expectations.

      Sometime after our divorce it became a topic of thought… In my opinion the near excessive normalization of our sexual anatomy for the purpose of urination in fact desexaulized our sex organs for the purpose of actual sex. Instead of thinking sex when hearing or seeing urination rather subconsciously I’d think urination when having sex, and as mentioned, urination is not something I have a sexual attraction to. Because of the subconscious nature of this I can only see by looking back how it was detrimental to our sex life. These thoughts did take years for all to surface into my consciousness so I could sort everything out for myself. I let it all percolate in the back of my mind and after doing so for a bit I was struck with a sudden conclusion, a decision really; the next committed relationship I was in needed to have a boundary for the use of the sex organs for the dispensation of bodily waste because I’d established negative associations likely too effortful to change without there being a very important reason for me to need to make such changes.

      I’m in no way attempting to discount your interests and positive associations. I simply find it fascinating how two people can feel so differently about what seems to be extremely similar behaviour. The diversity of people’s responses to much anything is a general subject of interest to me and not something I pass judgement on when perspectives contradict. Opinions aren’t facts and in cases like this I feel they’re always right for the individual.

      • Fascinating response… my experience mirrors your own, but the mental image of being out with a woman willing to go “pussing” is a bit of a turn on. One just never knows…

  • when a mare is ready to get mounted by a stallion she will pee and it drives the stallion wild.
    when a female dogs are ready to get mounted by a male dog she will pee.
    many guys know that a gal is ready for sex when they are making out and she stops to pee. guys are hard wired to get turned on by women peeing. all this other stuff is crap, it is a signal with all mammals enjoy it.

  • Chloe, I must admit urolagnia has been a phenomena beyond my understanding until reading your article here and I believe I’ve mentioned before my education is in Biological Psychology. Sexuality was an enormous component of my studies but there’s only so much about the entire human body and inclusive psyche one can learn in a five year hard science program with a heavy emphasis on the activation mechanisms for the expression of genetic traits for behaviours. Fetishism came up merely as an overview (and by that I mean it was most likely one or two paragraphs in a 1,200 page textbook), with today’s base of research data fetishism could very well be a course of its own in the field.

    I’d never considered the biological reasons you brought up for this particular interest, I’d never even considered that there could be any biological reasons associated with any of the various “water sports.” Quite remiss on my part, all things considered. I viewed urolagnia entirely as a sexual dysfunction that I’d not yet bothered to learn anything about. I now feel dysfunction isn’t always the case yet it can be for some.

    In life I find it’s always a relief of enlightenment when I reach an understanding of something I’ve had to dismiss due to my own ignorance. Thank you for this.

  • Yes, men are primitive and they enjoy it. Mine likes to watch me pee or he keeps staying near the door when I don’t let him watch. For me, it has no sexual connotation whatsoever.
    But if there’s bacteria on the urinary tract, then there’s an infection to be dealt with. Normally there shouldn’t be any living thing in there, just dead acid, all sorts of inorganic poisons. Nothing good for one’s health, as you pointed out.

    And because perspiration is not a far away subject – in terms of chemistry at least – I’ve noticed an armpit fetish in my man, with surprising sexual results: Hairy Armpit Fetish.

    These men and their weird imagination… :)

  • I experienced the drinking of my lady friend’s pee recently…she had done it before with a previous friend, and I, not wanting to be left out of her list of experiences, volunteered. She drank pineapple juice for a couple of hours, and wee’d into my mouth..and I swallowed as much as I could. Delicious! She has taken me into her body many I had part of her in me…erotic? You bet!

  • I was hanging out with a former lover and she had a confession: during a night of drunken sex, she had to pee so badly while riding me that see just let go. In my inebriated state, I thought she squirted. I have to admit…her confession turned me on.
    Also, my best friend shared a video of her squatting over a stream and peeing. Robyn in a skirt with no panties…peeing in broad daylight…and doing the cutest little shimmy after she finished…I was so hard watching that video.

  • How to enjoy sex at night when couple went for honeymoon I can understand now why gents peeing in the girls

  • I could never figure out why curiosity about how the other sex pees should be regarded as unusual, much less a fetish or a psychological aberration. Men and women pee differently, the difference is obviously a sexual one (it involves differently designed sexual organs), and vive la difference! If you’re a heterosexual male, why wouldn’t you take an interest in the engineering, aesthetics and activities of a woman’s genitals? Unless you think there’s something wrong with sexual interest to begin with (a conviction that suggests yours may be the psychological aberration requiring explanation), wanting to see a vulva pee seems as legitimate as wanting to see it do anything else–a natural subset of just wanting to see it, period.

  • Your blog shows to me that men are closer to dogs and women are closer to the monkeys and, in the end, we are all animals at heart.

  • I like to watch girls pee but only if they have a wide, flat pee stream and decent pressure and hiss loudly. I’m also more attracted when Indian girls do it.

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