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How To Keep a Healthy Vagina

A healthy vagina smells like a rose

Perhaps a rose on a table with a selection of Mediterranean cheeses, olive oil, virgin, of course, and something piquant, a bowl of Kalamata black olives. Keeping a healthy vagina means keeping healthy – exercise, a sensible diet, un vaso de vino de la felicidad (a glass of wine to make you happy), and regular sex, every day if possible.

Contrary to the hype from the marketing men (men!), your vagina is self-cleaning. A healthy vagina doesn’t need costly douches and pine-smelling wipes, just a hot shower, a bar of soap and a finger wash.

According to Dr Suzy Elneil at Wellbeing of Women, a consultant urogynaecologist at University College Hospital, London, vaginal discharge is natural and not ‘always a bad sign’. “There is a myth that copious clear or white discharge is associated with sexually transmitted infections. Changes in the amount of discharge can be 100% hormonal – in other words, linked to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or menopause.”

The character and amount of discharge varies throughout the menstrual cycle. Around the time of ovulation, when your ovary releases an egg, discharge usually thickens and grows stretchy like the sticky stuff in a raw egg. The smell is not unpleasant and, as for the feeling of moistness, this is a sign of being healthy and normal.

Porn merchants show shaved girls with their shiny slot like a money box. They would like to convince men that pubic hair is smelly, unnecessary and unhealthy. Not true. The opposite is true. In fact, when it comes to human odours, men should pay more attention to their own hormonal smells if they wish to lose themselves in the warm shell of the female vagina.

The healthy vagina for beginners

For those men, and there are lots, unaware of the female landscape, here’s the healthy vagina for beginners. The vagina is a tunnel of muscle that runs from the cervix (the opening of the womb) to the vagina. The exterior decoration, called the vulva, consists of the labia majora and labia minora, big lips and small lips – although, to make it confusing, sometimes the smaller inner lips are bigger than the outer lips. The vagina contains the urethra (for pee-pee), a hard-to-find sense receiver called the G-spot, and the clitoris, the altar in the palace of divine pleasure.

Below the vaginal opening is something called the Bartholin glands. When aroused, they moisten, easing penetration before sex, and leaking in your panties if arousal transpires from unexpected or extraneous stimulation (like the good looking sweaty guy at the gym). Before we leave the genital scenery behind us, between the vulva and the anus is the perineum, a largely neglected pleasure point that enjoys the occasional visit.

The pubic mount, or mons, or mound of Venus, sprouts hair at puberty, slender silken threads or thick wiry carpets. Like riddles and secrets, there’s no telling what you are going to find. But hirsute or short-back-and sides, and contrary to urban myth and porn peddlers: pruning the fuzz IS NOT healthier, but actually increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and infection.

Shaving leaves invisible nicks and cuts in the skin. Bikini waxes inflame the follicles – opening still more breaches for infection. Removing pubic hair removes the cushion between you and your partner, increasing friction and, you got it, pushing up the chances of contagion and STDs.

What’s the best way to keep a healthy vagina? Leave it in peace. Avoid perfumed soaps, gels, douches and antiseptics, not only are they potential irritants, they can cause the natural bacteria to go out of balance, resulting in thrush. Shave if you want to, not because he (or she) wants you to, and enjoy sex when you can get it.

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“How To Keep a Healthy Vagina”
  • Perfect and simple: if it is there by design then it has a function (talking about pubic hair). And for the sake of erotic arts, challenge him to innovate but never exaggerate.
    Your post reminds me of pubic hairstyles for ladies

    As about vaginal discharge, I’ve read somewhere that in Japan there are used panties vend machines. Think that we, in Europe, are too fond of the chemical industry.

    Thank you, Chloe, for reminding us that we know of a better chemistry. :)

  • Wonderful and informative need-to-know info, as usual!! This reminds me, as a teenage girl I was fortunate to have an exceptional gynecologist, during my initial appointment one of a number of questions she asked me was if I ever use any over the counter (OTC) douche products inside my vagina, I did not and said as much. She told me this was good and that I should never douche unless instructed to by a physician because the OTC douches cause more imbalances than they claim to solve and would only serve to increase the number of times she gets to see me every year for actual medical treatment needed to repair the damage done by self-douching. I’ve stuck to her advice for a few decades and have never needed to see a gynecologist except for my annual well-woman screening appointments.

  • Lovely informative ‘geography’ lesson! Thank you. From a mere male’s perspective I do like female pubic hair, but it must be trimmed..I can’t stand a wild unkempt bush. My favourite at the moment, is a lady who shaves, but leaves a strip from the top of her ‘slit’ to the top of where her natural hai
    r growth finishes..about two inches wide. It gives me ‘the best of both worlds!
    You are quite right that the ‘perinium’ is very neglected..and oh the appreciation when it is visited! Love it! x

  • Men would like a clean vagina of course. This article sheds light on how best women can take care of their most precious possession. As the writer points out, public hair may be a natural way of protection. Frequent shaving will make the skin rough. Stroking a woman’s public hair is so comforting. .

  • I love vaginas. I love playing around them and in them. I like using my fingers and my tongue. I like them shaved and I like them hairy. I never ask my partners to change them for me. I do ask they keep themselves clean. This article is a good source material for lovers old and young. Female and male to understand and execute. Now, go find your partner and share.

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