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Discovering The Meaning of Love

On sleepless nights, I have often thought about the meaning of love and watched in the early hours as the night planes arrive in London carrying sleepless people, some in love, some lost, some thinking about the meaning of love. 

When you remove love from sex you enter a mansion with many rooms shaded in nuance and excess, an invitation to peel away all conventions and programming. A chance to explore your hidden self. A chance to be wicked. You shed something and clothe yourself in something else.

Sex is the greatest of gifts, orgasm a glimpse of perfection. When you add love to sex it feels as if your soul is being drawn from the chains of gravity into the core of the infinite. New feelings come to life, emotions without explanations that we try to name with that perplexing little word we avoid using as if the word is sacred or sacrilegious.

What is the meaning of love? Love is indefinable, a mystery, a distant light in the shadow of death: Romeo and Juliet. Tristan and Isolde. Mickey and Mallory from Natural Born Killers. Love is the twin of death, the conqueror of death. Love bends and curves like space and time.

When you are in love you are less afraid of death because you would give your life for the object of your love. If love is blind and unconditional, it must be because we have no control over it. Like nature. Like the tectonic plates below the earth’s surface. Mothers feel that way about their children. Their love best defines the meaning of love. 

My Meaning of Love 

But love and being in love are not the same. A woman takes the man she loves into her body and absorbs his oils and essence. A part of him enters her and becomes a part of her.

Love changes the chemical balance in the brain like a drug. It is a drug. Food tastes better. The rain on your face feels warm. When you dance it feels as if the notes of music emerge like an invisible chain that links directly to your moving feet. You smile for no reason. You like people you would not normally like. You forgive them. Perhaps that is the meaning of love: the gift of forgiveness?

Love is like being on a small boat in the middle of the sea with no compass and no one to rely on except each other. Falling in love is completion. Falling out of love is a mini-death.

I had always avoided writing about love and had never sensed that rush and buzz that comes with love, the release into the brain of body chemicals, pheromones and dopamine – the taste of love to which I was becoming addicted, his spearminty tongue when we kissed, his male sweat, the outdoor vanilla tang of his semen. I was discovering the meaning of love and it was terrifying.

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“Discovering The Meaning of Love”
  • God took my ability to please a woman in only a way they begged for! God must of hated me , Cancer took my love of sex , took my love for a woman who knew how to control me , push me to do things I would never of dreamed about! All I can think of is sex, I know it must sound odd! Colon cancer takes your ability to fully please, with my penis , I only wonder how I would looked with a large bag on my belly where closeness use to take place! Makes me ashamed of how God must of punished me for my beginnings of love! Am lost am lonely , am so willing to please if for me not being so ashamed of how I look now! I use to turn heads , still do , still feel the heat of a woman when the right one is near me! Am a pleaser Chloe thurlow ! I only wish I would rid my addiction of the smell of a woman who likes a man between her legs to joy her scream, to look into her eyes of pleasure! Will God ever forgive me! What was his reason for taking what I loved most ! A woman like you Chloe! I enjoy your stories only wishing I was the one in your scribe!

  • Love is a word beyond worlds. And your book is a symphony that is hiding like a spook behind my neurons, firing up from time to time, memories of past, present and future. Where only the present is what matters.

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