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Dogging, Voyeurs and the Joys of Public Indecency

Dogging couples love being watched and voyeurs are polishing their binoculars now spring is ripening the buds and opening the perfumed lips of flowers and plants. image shows graph pf where people like to have sex

For those unfamiliar with this particularly British recreation, dogging is having sex in the open and in the backs of cars in places where prying eyes and camera lenses will almost certainly be watching.

Dogging is an act of defiance and sexual abandon, a wet slap across the face of accepted morals and public decency. Sex on the highwire – or at least the riverbank, a shady glen, an open field, the car park at a country pub.

Brits envy the perceived joy and openness about all things sensual on ‘the Continent,’ those wine-drinking, olive-eating lands across the English Channel. Dogging is the antidote, a reverse expression of British reserve and timidity about sex.

Dogging got its name from men – it’s always men – who ‘dogged’ couples – that is spied on them – when they had sex outdoors. Like the mystery of love itself, some couples found they enjoyed their moment of stardom and began performing for the crowd.

Dogging Rules

From these simple origins, a mass movement has grown up with a directory of more than 3000 UK dogging locations compiled by Swinging Heaven where performers can post their planned liaisons and watchers can pick their sites – a rare form of exchange without the profit motive, something Karl Marx would certainly have approved of.

If you happen to know a site where couples, threesomes and moresomes are trading bodily fluids, log into Swinging Heaven and spread the word. You can take part in debates, post photos and, as the British like to play by the rules, you can clue up on ‘the etiquette of dogging and the best ways to enjoy it safely and legally.’

Sex in the open air – the beach in moonlight springs to mind – and sex in cars reminds us of our lusty, brazen primitive selves. Our ancestors without Spotify and presidential debates to amuse them must have slipped from their furs into each other while the tribe gathered around the camp fire, this primal exhibitionism coded into our genes to be reborn in the dogging fetish coming soon to a car park and country lane near you.

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“Dogging, Voyeurs and the Joys of Public Indecency”
  • Well, I never knew there was actually a “name” for it. Nor did I know that there was a group of enthusiasts promoting their indulgence. You know when people say that they would love to be young again only knowing what they know now? Well, this is one of those times. God, but to be young again, ‘dogging it’! Oh, wait…..really, I DID that when I was young to begin with!! My bad and didn’t know it….oh, yes, I did. I write about it now!!!

    I also relieved a man of the exorbitant growth and pain in his jeans once in the BACK of an El Camino traveling at breakneck, pardon the pun, speed down the I-5 in California. Speed with need, and he wasn’t driving so it was even better!!

    Oh, to be young again….or at the very least – single. <3 xo

  • I always wondered when I went for country walks why there were so many men with binoculars peering at cars in the car park. I always thought they were looking for rare birds, now I know they were looking for a rare glimpse of people going at it. You can always trust the English – through not very much.

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