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Student Prostitutes Paying College Fees With Sex Work

Student prostitutes are funding their fees, rents and daily living costs by practising the oldest profession.

Girls turning tricks as student prostitutes have always existed on campus, but the numbers have soared to a staggering 1 in 20, with just as many guys as girls now paying their way by selling their services.image shows Student Prostitutes Paying Fees With Sex Work 

Aside from the high numbers of student prostitutes – tens of thousands across the United Kingdom – researchers behind the Student Sex Work Project at Swansea University have come up with some startling statistics from the 6,750 students taking part.

Although up to 5% of students have or are taking part in the sex trade, as many as 22% stated that they have considered this option due to high fees and the enormous debts that accrue by the time they graduate, a sum often as much as £50,000, and higher than in the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Student Prostitutes Hug

Earning extra cash was not the only motive for becoming student prostitutes – 6 in 10 thought it would be fun; more than half said they were curious, and almost half, 44%, said the impulse was sexual pleasure. A quarter of those who have become student prostitutes said it was hard to leave the profession once they had started.

One such student is Holly, who tells the story of going out to lunch with a girlfriend who didn’t know she was a student prostitute. When her friend asked what she was going to have and Holly said a salad, the girl replied: ‘Going for a salad in McDonalds is like going to a prostitute for a hug!’

Holly continues: ‘And so I didn’t have a salad. I had a burger. I should have had a salad really because she couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve been a prostitute for four years now. I’ve lost count of the amount of times men have turned up at my door not wanting sex. I’ve had men come because they want to ask questions about how they should be with their first girlfriends. I’ve had men come because they’re lonely. Yes, some have even come because they want a hug.

‘I would have agreed with that saying until I became a prostitute. And that’s just it, once you become a prostitute nothing else matters really. It doesn’t matter I’m a student. It doesn’t matter that I volunteer every week. It doesn’t matter that the entire reason I am a prostitute is so I can afford to study, so that in a couple of years time I will be qualified to help you when you need help. What I’ve come to realise is that when you’re a prostitute, you’re just that – a prostitute. People don’t understand the amount of other skills being ‘just a prostitute’ requires.

‘I’ve had men hysterically crying in my house over various problems in their lives, I’ve had a man talk to me about the shame of having one of his testicles removed because of cancer. I’ve had countless men tell me things which have ended with ‘I’ve never told anyone that before’. Actually being a prostitute is far more than simply having sex with somebody. I’m not just a prostitute. My name is Holly. I’m a student. I like baking, volunteering, running and, well, all of those everyday things that people with normal jobs like to do.’

Student Prostitutes Giving Care

Holly’s confession is moving and heroic. There is absolutely nothing immoral or indecent about prostitution – as Holly says, a lot of sad troubled men come to her and sex seems to be the least of their needs. Holly, and many girls like her, are answering more a heightened social shortfall than an increased male libido.

It wasn’t the sex trade that caused the world economic crisis, but traders in banks, city corporations and careless governments abandoning banking rules that that brought multi-million dollar bonuses to the bankers and, to pay for it, ruthless austerity measures, inflated university fees and, as a result, a debt crisis that has made so many students – ONE in TWENTY – turning to the sex trade to pay their way.

Of course, not all student prostitutes have Holly’s dignity and sangfroid. While many are paying their bills through lap dancing and pole dancing, with webcams in their bedrooms and by making connections online, others are working as escorts and street walking with all the dangers that has implied since Jack the Ripper haunted the late night streets of Victorian London.

The English Collective of Prostitutes* has said the number of calls they receive has doubled in the last 12 months. The hotline from their London base is Tel: 020 7482 2496.

Prostitution has always existed – that’s why they call it the oldest profession. But austerity measures driven by the present government leaves many young people with two stark choices: pay your own way through college any way you can or don’t go to college at all.

And as the bad always gets worse before and if it ever gets better, according to the National Union of Students, girls aged 17 and 18 who are afraid while studying for their A levels of losing their education maintenance allowance (EMA), grants provided for travelling costs and books, are working as escorts in order that they do not miss out on the chance of going to university.

These are not the bad girls, they are the brightest girls, girls who know if they don’t get through university they are doomed to a life of poverty and view student prostitution as their only option.

*Doubts & Questions? Call The English Collective of Prostitutes:

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“Student Prostitutes Paying College Fees With Sex Work”
  • je te verrais panthère noire qui s’approcherait sans bruit,
    tu serais prête à sauter sur ta proie…
    je te vérrais féline et sexy, manipulatrice,
    Parfois dirigiste, tu ne t’en laisserais pas
    Compter et aimerait avoir le contrôle
    de la situation.
    Mais au fond, tu resterais si mignonne et
    N’attenderais qu’à être câlinée
    pour rentrer ses griffes.

  • As one who has had several girlfriends ‘on the game’ over the years, I have no problems with youngsters using their bodies to earn a few bucks while they pay their way through medical school, university etc. I think that, all things considered, they make better adults due to the intimacies involved.
    Were I woman I’d have had no compunctions about selling my body selectively to pay my own way through university, although it was easier in my day when government paid me a living allowance and my tuition.
    One can always go to the most extreme cases of child prostitution, slave trade, violent pimping etc to denigrate the entire industry, and, indeed, these are very bad sides to prostitution. But we’re not discussing them, just looking at young women turning a few easy tricks which pay better than flogging burgers at the big M. Leave the kids alone!

  • I do believe Father John has the right attitude and is to be congratulated. Better a free woman in bed than a slave of minimum wage seven hours a day between studies.

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