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Casual Sex Rules for the No Strings Attached Generation

Casual sex is like the sun breaking through clouds on a winter’s day, like winning the lottery without buying a ticket. Casual sex makes you feel alive, bohemian, a risk-taker, that person who you always wanted to be.

We are the only living creatures to have grown a conscience, to form opinions on what’s right and wrong. Other animals act on instinct and there is nothing more instinctively pleasing than casual sex. The Creator respects you when you pray but loves you when you are making love. Our role is to continue the species and there is only one way to do that.

Casual sex is the best way to get over a dead relationship. Sex on a whim in alien places reminds you that you’re still desirable, still sexy. When a romance breaks down we tend to blame ourselves, even when we know it’s not our fault.

Casual sex today is the child of the sixties’ free love revolution when The Pill and new methods of contraception came on line. But the Millennial Generation (Gen Y) – those who reached adulthood in 2000 – are the true beneficiaries. They call casual sex ‘friends with benefits’ and immediately get over one man by getting under another.

Casual Sex Survey

Internet dating has made promiscuity cool and on tap like organic beer and more singles of both sexes are seeking out partners for NSA (no strings attached) casual sex, one-night stands (often literally in the bar loo) and emotionless sex – sex for the hell of it, because it’s fun, because it burns calories and makes you feel beautiful.

In a recent survey by Glamour Magazine, 82% of the 2000 women interviewed confessed casual sex exploits with only 19% regretting it. To those 19% I would say: in life we are more likely to regret the things we didn’t do and should have done than things we did and feel ashamed of.

Another study among 680 college students from Canada showed that they felt much more at ease having casual sex with different partners when they took a spring break in Florida than they did at home. The chilly Canadian weather may have been a contributing factor, as the tropical warmth of Pattaya in Thailand has provided the city with the dubious fame as being the No. 1 destination for casual sex in the world.

Casual Sex Passion

I will never forget that day travelling to Cambridge from London with three bags and the autumn light dusting the landscape in an amber glow. A man looked up from his book and smiled across the carriage and I asked on instinct: What are you reading?

He lifted the book so that I could read the cover. It was The Talented Mr Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. It’s very good, he said, and I nodded. Yes, I agree, I answered as we exchanged that look I imagine members of secret societies have when they meet by chance.

The carriage was empty except for the two of us. The sun was an orange ball sinking below the horizon. I stood to reach for my bags. He took my hand and I swooned into his lap in a passionate kiss, our lips touching like the wheels gliding over the rails beneath us. We made love quickly, in time to the drumming rhythm, reaching orgasm as the train horn blew to announce our arrival in Cambridge.

It was my first casual sex encounter and I have had a passion for train travel ever since.

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“Casual Sex Rules for the No Strings Attached Generation”
  • Ah yes, how liberated we are nowadays, Chloe, casual sex at the drop of a hat, so to speak, or more appositely, at the drop of the knickers. Certainly beats reading about Mr.Ripley.
    Wish it had been so easy when I were a lad.

    However, casual sex has brought with it a negative in that viral diseases have made it almost mandatory nowadays for the man to wear a condom. Passion killers, certainly in my case. I come from the ‘bareback generation’, and whether it was vaginal, anal or oral sex I always rode to orgasm unimpeded by ghastly sheaths of rubber.

    Good luck to all who find some casual sex today. I’m still waiting for spanking salons to be set up on Main Street, where office girls during their lunch break can pop in as easily as they go to nail salons or coffee shops, for some instant euphoric release across my knee.

  • Casual sex is a phenomenon happening more now than ever before. I was recently in a night club and was surprised to find every cubicle occupied by couples making love with others waiting their turn to get in.

  • There is nothing łikè casua l sex. I have been lucky enough to have experienced 3 encounters. Unforgettable sex. Hoping for more”

    • I have yet to be turned on by the idea ion spanking, but I must say the more I read Chloe’s blogs, the more tempted I am.

      • Well, Maureen, as any spanko will tell you, it’s a certain mindset among us, givers and takers, spankers and spankees alike.

        Mostly you’re either into it or you’re not. However it’s not unheard of for straight people to develop a taste for it given the right set of circumstances and acquaintances. Mind you, the straight ones I’ve met have usually been ‘closet’ spankos, women who’ve always had the urge but kept it under wraps until they met my gentle persuasion.

        Anyway, let us know how it goes, if you meet a like-minded partner. There’s a lot of us around ;-)


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