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Do Robots Dream of Electric Girls? Do Girls Dream of Robots?

Robots dream in algorithms and electronic pulses and I dream of robots with George Clooney masks and an energy to match my own.

Robots are made of wires and rubber, circuit boards and sensors, mainframe brains and erotic dreams. I am made of words. Cut me and I bleed sentences. When you read me, I speak to your soul.

I feel a connection to robots, a bond, a yearning. I admire their drive and single-mindedness. Their tact and intelligence. For great sex with robots you just have to turn them on.Do Robots Dream of Electric Girls? When I dream of robots it is always the same robot with a muscular tongue and unabashed appendage that never grows soft. I call him Rupert. It’s silly really. He has grit and passion, the coppery scent of hot machines.

When we make love it feels as if time is going backwards, that I am hurtling across the universe to its very beginning, the Big Bang, that fantastical orgasm that started life.

How many times have you been making love and your lover erupts in euphoria while you are still climbing the slippery slopes? Do you visualise in your mind’s eye an android man with mechanical zip and certitude? How many times have you been left grasping in the void for a lost moment never to be recovered?

Pizza Hut has just announced that before the end of the year, one of its stores will be operated by a robot named Pepper (I kid you not). He will take your order and handle the transaction. I suppose his robot wife (Salt?) will be in the kitchen cooking and the next generation of robot kids will drive the driverless cars to make deliveries. 

As robots learn to perform all human functions, they will grow more human and dream of electric girls with moist portals and primordial passion. Can you imagine dancing a tango with an cyborg gaucho? I can. Robots will have pixelated fantasies of nymphomaniacs, threesomes, wild abandoned orgies in shopping malls and airport terminals. 

Robots Turn Me On

In those between-worlds moments before I wake, I see sleek-skinned sexbots and beautiful girls joined in eternal union like the sculptures carved on the temple walls at Khajuraho in India. The Romans, Greeks and Etruscans all celebrated the bacchanal, drinking, dancing and long nights of erotic pleasure with countless partners.

To honour Saturn, the Roman god representing the sun in mid-winter, when it approaches death, when the sun may never rise and the world may end in a chill and leaden darkness, people celebrated Saturnalia, worshiping a giant phallus, cross-dressing, the masters waiting on their servants and the servants servicing the masters’ wives.

We visionless homo sapiens until recent history planned all year for the communal orgy and sometimes I feel a nostalgia in my genes; I feel as if my life’s work is to bring to modern times this ancient leisure to the masses. If only someone out there would give me my own television show and a ferryman to row me across the Rubicon.

My desire to commune with robots is not unique, not even unusual. They have a word for it now: robophilia. Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson predicts in his widely-respected report The Future of Sex that in as little as thirty-five years we humans will be choosing to have sex with machines rather than flesh and blood mortals.

‘A lot of people will still have reservations about sex with robots,’ says the good doctor. ‘But gradually, as they get used to them, as AI (artificial intelligence) and mechanical behaviour and their feel improves, and they start to become friends with strong emotional bonds, that squeamishness will gradually evaporate.’

Robophiliacs are ahead of the space time warp. Sex in virtual reality is with us and tech sex with androids is just below the lip of the horizon. Rupert the robot who haunts my dreams and dreams of electric girls will arrive one day and when I hear his metronome tap on my bedroom door I’ll be ready to turn him on.

If my blog fails to appear again, you will know I have run away with a robot. 

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“Do Robots Dream of Electric Girls? Do Girls Dream of Robots?”
  • I very much hope you will not run away with a robot, Chloe. The world will be a much duller place without your writing talent. I am still anxiously awaiting the next book. Not too long, I hope.

    I have mixed feelings about having sex with a robot. I guess it has its advantages and disadvantages. Unlike a lot of women I don’t look for physical perfection in a mate. A six-pack stomach and hard as iron abs don’t do it for me. I prefer an intelligent mind and a sense of humour, and for that I will forgive the less than perfect body. To me a robot would be too perfect, and I find perfection a little boring. I’ve not heard of a naughty robot with mischievous eyes and a dirty laugh. I like a bit of unpredictability too, and robots are probably too predictable for me.

    However, I hope that you and Rupert will be very happy in your space time warp. Just don’t spend too much time in bed. We need your books! xx

  • Saturn, a.k.a. Kronos (like many other so-called gods), made no secret of his desire to copulate with the beautiful daughters of Eve. Good gods or bad gods, frivolous or solemn – beings capable of affection had a passion for us.
    Wondering when, in the future, human-made AI (so-called robots) will ‘learn’ and ‘understand’ and ‘manifest’ affection, sensuality or even love. Perplexing question.
    If we believe that Roman rituals, or similar celebrations, have been inspired by some intelligence that landed from the sky, are we then the ‘robots’ of these unearthly guys? If so, have we learned what we’ve been supposed to? Besides continuing their wars, besides spilling too much blood (and venom) around, can we affirm the same about the teachings (and applications) of love?

    Now, that was a bit epic. Down to teledildonics, to domestic drones and geisha bots, golden Lelo toys (because a whole robot is just too much), I think that ‘if we ran the world’ there will be no Skynet, just tiny little modular Ruperts – so you can disjoint the thing according to your momentarily cravings.

  • From a women’s perspective I can totally understand. For me no. No soul. However hard it is for me to share that part of me that little want or can because of circumstance, I would not trade the hurt to have sex with a robot. It’s just not real. I adore the female form, touch , taste for me I need to be sexually desired as much as I want them. Part of me is wired to know a fake. Just not for me. Great article though, as I say from a women’s perspective, I can understand. I have exploded in pleasure while you have still been climbing. Of late with one, it left me wondering a lot. I know a lot of me don’t bother but for me, I am left wondering. Starting to feel like that lonely old dog who is not taken on a hunt anymore. You’re a good writer though slim I will give you that. X

  • Hmm. I’m not sure. I love the feel of skin, and flesh. I think that materials science has a way to go before it can reproduce the flop of a breast, or the way the skin puckers around a nipple when it’s stroked. Still, if Rupert’s the robot for you, go for it.

  • I’m not a robophiliac, but if a robot that looked like Henry Cavill showed up at my door I’d definitely be tempted!! ;) Oh, who am I kidding… It’d be on like Donkey Kong! hehe Fun read! You never disappoint.

  • I can understand why a woman would want a robotic lover who is always hard and ready to go. Men on the other hand would probably want something very different. More likely for a man is to want a fantasy partner like Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johansson. The Oculus Rift headset is the first step into the matrix from which mankind will be profoundly changed. Someday it will be possible to have a virtual lover who never says no and will do whatever you wish at any time and is physically perfect. What then will happen to real human relationships? Technology has already led to people becoming more isolated and I see this trend continuing.

  • Not for me Chloe, I may as well do a blow-up doll……mechanical lovemaking could never do it for me…..this is what makes sex with different partners so desirable…..the difference in the soul, the passion, the look in their eyes, the touch, the smell, everything that only another human can exude or give…..and every person is unique.
    If I read you right, I’m sure you feel the same…..but you do have a gift for writing erotic stories,…..I don’t know you but this already makes you so desirable…..however, perhaps there are other people out there who would love to be seduced by a machine. ciao, Boogy

  • Sex machines that deliver orgasms with the flip of a switch exist. I haven’t tried one – my own autostimulation skills work just fine for that. But a robot with whom you could have sex with real intimacy – now that’s something very different. The recent movie “Ex Machina,” with Alicia Vikander is the role of an attractive, emotional, thinking machine, capable of generating sexual urges in humans, was not only well-made and entertaining but quite thought provoking. The British-American series “Humans,” with it’s sexy “synths,” also has obvious sexual implications.
    This level of robotics, where the distinction between human and non-human is blurred, make one wonder if this fantasy could indeed become a reality.
    Would it be prostitution of one paid a robot for sex?

  • Hey Chloe,
    How’s one of my favorite writers? I enjoyed your article. Are you serious you have sexual fantasies about robots? No judgment. I can see the appeal in it; however, for me personally I got to have a flesh and blood partner when it comes to having an entire hot sex session. I need to feel that connection. Maybe because I’m married and in love. I don’t know. I don’t know if I’d be different if I were single and just wanted “casual” sex. It’s a question that’ll probably hang in the back of my mind for the rest of my life. ‘

  • I love the human touch but the male propensity for going soft could put robots in my driving seat. Isn’t change good for us? Brilliant, as usual, Chloe. I can just imagine you walking down the street with a handsome young android.

  • Ten years ago I would have laughed out loud and dismissed the ludicrous suggestion that robots would ever replace the soft touch of the human body. Now, I’m not so sure.

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