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Summer Sex Ways To Lose Weight and Look Younger

Summer sex is easy and slow, drenched in warm sweat and the scent of hot bodies. Summer sex burns calories, you sleep better and wake up feeling years younger.

Sex at any time is great, but summer sex with open windows and starry skies gets you in touch with your cave girl instincts. Go to the beach, swim naked and howl at the moon on all fours to the drumbeat of the moving tide with the man in your life gripping your hips bones like they’re the wheel on a Ferrari. What girl doesn’t adore the rush of a multiple-orgasm? Doggie style is the way to get one.

The experts say we burn about 150 calories making love. That’s one-and-a-half chocolate biscuits. At that rate, to burn off the 3,500 calories it takes to lose one pound of body weight, you’d have to have sex 25 times. You can do that. Course you can. But can he?Summer Sex Ways To Lose Weight and Look Younger

What the so-called experts don’t take into account is, after you make love, you don’t rush down to the kitchen and hit the cookie jar. That happens after smoking pot. On the contrary, you stretch and cuddle and make love again. You skip meals and, as you feel the weight dropping off, you fall in love with the svelte new thinner you.

Summer Sex Passion

Summer sex means summer dresses, summer sandals, summer tops, summer undies – easy to wash and easy to exit. Summer sex means bare legs and bare shoulders, summer lusts and summer longings. Summer sex means finding the fun you lost in the cold chills of winter.

When the sun burns on a scorching sky, girls feel a Dionysian need to go around half-naked. You want to look great and feel great with acres of flesh bronzing in the killer rays. Summer sex is the logical consequence of desire meeting passion.

Sex is good for you as exercise because it increases the heart rate, aids sleep and pumps estrogen and hormones into the blood stream. Unlike most work outs, sex is never boring. If you have pains of any type, headache, backache, cramps, anxiety, before reaching for the paracetamol, an orgasm is a far better cure.

Every time you have sex, that hour between the sheets is added like a bonus to the end of your life, cheating time and helping you to sleep better, feel better even smell better. There are 25,000 reasons to have sex every day. I’m not kidding. Click and see for yourself

Here’s my tip about summer sex, sex at any time: if in doubt, do it. Regret is a terrible thing and we regret most what we didn’t do and should have done than what we did do and probably shouldn’t have done. 

summer sex and Love Bends and Making Love Is Not Love But It May Be The Beginning of LoveKatie, my avatar from Katie in Love, loves summer sex.

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“Summer Sex Ways To Lose Weight and Look Younger”
  • There is nothing like summer SEX. A little exhibitionism emerges, Hardons are Harder Pussies drip like a waterfall,and orgasms are electrifying!

  • A la lueur d’une seule chandelle
    tes yeux seraient remplis d’étincelles
    Je t’emprisonnerais de mon regard
    Je m’abandonnerais à toi, ce soir
    Nos corps pourraient s’unir en cet instant de tendresse
    Tu me ferais frémir de tes douces caresses
    Mon seul désir en cette nuit d’amour
    que tu restes captive de mes bras pour toujours

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