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Lolita Crossed with Holly Golightly

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While I am am not an avid reader of erotica, I have yet to find an erotic writer anywhere near as good as Chloe Thurlow. Most erotic literature is smarmy, breathless sentimentality, overlaid with unrealistic notions of sexuality. This is not the case with The Secret Life of Girls!Lolita Crossed with Holly Golightly

I am a reader of good literature, the kind with deep complex meaning, great dialogue, and complete characters! This is my third book by this writer and I got the distinct feeling that her main character, Bella, is very much the author herself. Bella is funny, witty, amusing, naive, gorgeous and outrageous. Everyone loves her, her friends, the men she meets during her sexual awakening and now me, the reader.

Think of Lolita crossed with Holly Golighly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and you have Bella – Isabella di Millo.

Bella lives a privileged life at an elite convent school on the English coast among other rich and beautiful girls. They have to put up with the strict nuns, but come the weekend, Bella cuts an impressive figure in her scanty clothes among the town boys, who all lust after her.

Lolita Calamity

Life is fun, fun, fun. Then, calamity strikes. The country mansion, left to Bella in her father’s will is not hers after all. It belongs to the greedy scheming lawyer, Mr Daviditz. Her new stepfather. Her mother, a powerful figure in Bella’s life, is envious of her daughter and delights in informing her that any dreams she may have had are not likely to come true.

Until then, sex for Bella has been just a bit of fun – “People take sex far too seriously.” Now, it is the power of her sexuality that she uses to trap Mr Daviditz in a compromising situation – captured on video tape, and the force of her personality that drives her into the world of pop music where she intends to make her fortune and force Mr Daviditz to sell back her family home.

This is a real novel with real characters, the sex, while very sensuous, arises through the plot and the writer brings you to a satisfying conclusion – although not entirely satisfying in as much as you hate to leave Bella and want to know what’s going to happen to her in the next phase of her life.

Chloe Thurlow writes prose with real poetry and has produced a character in Bella di Millo who will stay in my memory – probably forever. Perhaps a SERIES Ms. Thurlow? Thank you for a GREAT read!

5***** Review by Mac on

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The Secret Life of Girls is a fictionalized memoir of Bella, an 18-year old girl at finishing school on the English coast. When her father dies, her mother remarries a man who secretly buys the manor house left in trust to Bella to pay off her father’s debts. The betrayal cuts Bella to the core – the house is a part of her. She has nothing left – except she is beautiful, bold and unafraid to use sex to get revenge – as well as for her own pleasure.  

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