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Interesting Times Are What We Create Not What We Live In

Interesting times R Us. Interesting times are now.

When we look back, we often remember events as interesting, even if they were boring at the time. The truth is, we don’t live in interesting times, but come to view them as interesting on reflection.

Anaïs Nin

When I was at university, my tutor consistently gave my essays harsh criticism. After the New Year break, he invited me out to dinner at a French restaurant with a wood burning fire on the edge of the River Cam. We drank too much. We talked about Camus, existentialism and the erotic novels of Anaïs Nin, whom I would one day try to emulate. I ended up that night in my tutor’s chambers in my tutor’s black iron bed.

Before I started university, I worked the long hot summer as an estate agent within the sound of the cathedral bells in Canterbury. I was so keen to get the commission from a sale, when I took a photographer to see a big old country house, it took little persuasion for me  to strip from my clothes and dance naked in the August sunlight. We went to bed, of course, and I had my first orgasm.

It was these two events that led me in my early twenties to haunt the champagne bars of Soho. Often I went home with strangers. It was always curious, exciting, full of surprises. At times sex with a stranger was romantic, exotic, beautiful. At others, it was brutal, violent, dangerous. Bullies with psychological problems called me a ‘little whore’ and sent me home with bruises to remember them by. Grist to the mill of the would be erotic writer. It was a period I had to go through and, looking back, they were interesting times.

Interesting Times Curse

Saying: May you live in interesting times is said to be a Chinese curse. But there is no evidence of this being recorded by the Chinese sages. Interesting Times is a novel in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, and also the title of an autobiography by Eric Hobsbawm.

image shows Donald Trump Interesting Times Are What We Create Not What We Live InWe will look back on 2016 and say they were interesting times because the old mould of politics appears to have been broken into a million pieces. We enter 2017 with a non-politician, Donald Trump, in the White House, and Britain having become an island again, as it always wanted to be, thanks to Brexit.

Having broken up with Tom, the great love of me life, my 2016 ended up being tiempos interesantes living in Spain, studying Spanish and meeting Ramon, almost ten years younger than me. Young lovers come and go, but it’s the coming more than the going that makes it all worthwhile. They have energy, vigour, constant erections and provide a girl with interesting times.

In order to live in interesting times, one has to be interesting. To be interesting, one has to be interested in new things, new people, expanding your horizons, reading more, learning more, travelling to new places. As 2017 looms, my plan, virtually a resolution, is to visit India. I have never been, but imagine it will be stimulating, motivating, eye-opening, and when I look back I am sure I will say, ah yes, 2017, I was living in interesting times.

Have a Happy New Year. Be yourself and try to be happy. But most important be brave and be yourself.

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“Interesting Times Are What We Create Not What We Live In”
  • Well, interesting to say the very least, my friend. I can think of no better way to start the New Year of 2017 than to bask in your erotic glow–a kind of lucky touchstone to my coming 12 months. You continue to be a source of inspiration and joy. I love your work, as well you know. “Girl Trade” will no doubt prove to be another interesting read. Yes, interesting times we–you–make. Blessings for SW Florida, from my mind to yours! Happy New Year ~ MW

  • So nice to hear from you again, Chloe, and on my birthday too. A nice gift. I have visited India several times – a fascinating country, but stay safe! I hope that 2017 is a great year for you, and that you meet another great love of your life. You are still one of the writers I look up to, and hope one day to emulate.

    Rachel xx

  • Happy birthday and a Happy New Year, Rachel. I will remember your words – stay safe – as I set out on my trek across India. Just thinking about it is exciting. Have a wonderful year.

  • Happy New Year CHLOE from ROSHANDRA the USA is smiling…
    Love our Changes and the fact Brexit helped ENGLAND regain the Island role and more changes to her terrain once again.

    Many Blessings from good Ol’ American as TRUMP regains our country as the changes are ones WE THE PEOPLE wanted and so much feel a shaking up was necessary. Fake news makes me smile and love Nigel Farage and his help in the election and the changes with Russia coming into a new relationship reboot and the mess in the middle east and Israel also making her changes now too.

    What a year 2016 was and what a year 2017 shall be and the next few years of our USA and World changes…BUCKLE UP

    Meantime Lots of LOVE YOUR Way Dear always..
    Roshandra warmly writing on always

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