Romance writer Chloe Thurlow

Literary romance

March 2017

Macrophilia Men Want Sex With BIG Women

Macrophilia is when LITTLE guys dream of having sex with BIG girls. Giants, in fact. The bigger the better. It’s not just sex they’re after, macrophilia addicts want to feel sheltered inside the domed highways and silky caverns of a large woman. The word macrophilia means ‘lover of large’: macro – big, philia – that thing that drives us and makes us crazy. Personally, I am a cactophile and an

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Katie in Love Nominated for the People’s Book Prize

Hello friends, subscribers, readers and Mother (who secretly reads my blog!) My novel Katie in Love has been nominated for the People’s Book Prize. AMAZING! The news came out of the blue and bowled me off my feet. I had to drink three glasses of champagne to regain my balance.  Now, I need you to vote for me by clicking on the PEOPLE’S BOOK PRIZE. You have to register your email address, but it only takes

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Foot Fetish Hookers Are Making Fortunes on the Nation’s Weary Feet

Foot fetish hookers have found a way to make fortunes and I’m jealous. How do you get into the business? Where do you start? What would mother say? If there are people out there willing to pay good money to massage my feet, I want to hear from them in the comments box – like, yesterday. My interest in the foot fetish phenomenom was sparked by an article in the New York

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