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Macrophilia Men Want Sex With BIG Women

Macrophilia is when LITTLE guys dream of having sex with BIG girls. Giants, in fact. The bigger the better. It’s not just sex they’re after, macrophilia addicts want to feel sheltered inside the domed highways and silky caverns of a large woman.

The word macrophilia means ‘lover of large’: macro – big, philia – that thing that drives us and makes us crazy. Personally, I am a cactophile and an hispanophile. No, I don’t want to have sex with cactuses or Spanish culture (that does not exclude Spaniards, by the way) but they turn me on, the culture because it is steeped in blood and passion, the cactuses because they quietly stand there whispering you can look, but you’d better not touch. If you haven’t tasted cactus fruit you haven’t lived. 

I am quite a tall cactus myself, almost five feet eight. On those occasions when I step into five-inch heels, I have noticed height-challenged men gazing up at me with far away eyes and what I now know are macrophilia longings.

They don’t want to make love with me. They want to be eaten by me. They want to be digested by me. I’m not joking. The macrophilia man wants to turn back the hands of time, become a seed again, be absorbed by the egg from which he sprung. His craving is to be punished, degraded, dominated, made to look small, minute, a microbe.

Kinky? Oh, yes. But, then, what isn’t. People want to get intimate with robots; one man was arrested having sex in public with a mattress; car sex is a huge turn on – not in cars, with cars. A Swedish man was caught humping a bicycle; another got his rocks off on uncooked pizza dough – and there’s lots more unlikely acts of debauchery to be found at

Macrophilia Babes

There are guys who find their way back into the eternal womb by following the strictures of their dominatrix, that mother figure smelling of breast milk and discipline. They clean her floors and bend to have their bums warmed. In rubber suits with skull masks and zipped mouths, they become babies again.

Macrophilia is a particularly male fantasy. Just as there are foot fetish hookers getting their feet massaged and charging for it, tall girls and plump girls short of a dollar provide macrophilia guys with trampling, lifting and carrying, roleplaying and domination without penetration.

According to psychologist Helen Friedman, most men with macrophilia tendencies had dominant or abusive mothers and are playing out unresolved emotional issues. Others, I imagine, read Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels as little boys and recall Gulliver in the land of giants falling for the giantess with the seductive name of Glumdaclitch.

Macrophilia Men Want To Look Small


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