Romance writer Chloe Thurlow

Literary romance

September 2017

Ooo Some Five Star Reviews For American Concubine

American Concubine Five Star Reviews at This collection of erotic short stories is every bit as good as this talented writer’s earlier work. By RD Von, September 25, 2017 5***** Chloe Thurlow is, in my opinion, utterly unbeatable at writing erotica. Her words are nuanced and weighed and placed so precisely – and combine into erotic phrases that sweep you along into another world. Snow Fall Softly, one of the

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Snow Falls Softly – from American Concubine

Snow Falls Softly is the second story from American Concubine – it is the night before Josh Caton’s wedding and the girl in his arms is not his fiancé …        Men are governed by lines of intellect – women: by curves of emotion – James Joyce He kisses my eyes. My lips. My neck. He slowly draws my top over my head and my breath catches as his long

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American Concubine – Steamy S&M With a Younger Man

American Concubine is out – finally, frantically, breathlessly … I have a dampness beneath my armpits and a feeling of guilt that’s terribly English, I know, and completely genuine. Guilt because I have not written a blog for months and now here I am asking you, my loyal readers, to dip into their pockets and get a copy of my new book. And even that needs an explanation. American Concubine

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