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Ooo Some Five Star Reviews For American Concubine

American ConcubineFive Star Reviews

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This collection of erotic short stories is every bit as good as this talented writer’s earlier work.
By RD Von, September 25, 2017

5***** Chloe Thurlow is, in my opinion, utterly unbeatable at writing erotica. Her words are nuanced and weighed and placed so precisely – and combine into erotic phrases that sweep you along into another world. Snow Fall Softly, one of the stories in this collection, is a brief encounter between two people who have tried to deny the sexual attraction between them until they can resist each other no more. Their snatched moment is beautiful in its tenderness and sensuality. He kisses her eyelid, for heaven’s sake! What is more intimate than that? The encounter is sensual, erotic, and just a little sad – passionate, yet tender.

Flight 69 is a cliche. But there is nothing wrong with a cliche, when it is written as well as this story. Sex on a plane, between two strangers, is not that unusual. But the way it is written by this author will have you racing for the nearest Check-In desk (and the marzipan sweets of Business Class!). It is hot, powerful, erotic and perhaps every person’s secret fantasy.

This collection of erotic short stories is every bit as good as this talented writer’s earlier work. There is an element of pathos in some of the stories, as the erotic lives of ordinary people are revealed. I can’t help feeling that many of them are seeking something that is out of their reach. Excellent writing.

In my book … this book … is a Must read!
By Michael Swanson, September 12, 2017

5***** I would like to compare Chloe Thurlow’s stirring new anthology of erotic short stories, American Concubine, to 50 Shades of Grey, but I feel this collection of short stories is much more erotic and engaging. Especially since American Concubine is not a large novel you have to wade through. Each of Chloe’s short stories moves at a quick clip, yet not so fast you don’t come to appreciate each character for his or her unique personality as well as their unique sexuality. And for male readers, the stirring insights Chloe provides into the most intimate sexual machinations of the female mind, simply is a MUST read. My favorite selection is Flight 69. I recommend starting with Flight 69 first, as if this ultra hot tale of erotic discovery at 40,000 feet doesn’t get your heart pounding, you have no heartbeat at all.

Thank you RD Von & Thank you Michael SwansonFive Star Reviews

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  • My dear Chloe, I do not believe in any despair ;) It does not exist by the way. Just like time. People think they are getting older just because of time – what if time does not exist? Animals know nothing about time, birth, or death. They live happily in the present moment. Did you notice it? Do you have a dog? (Why not?)
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    So, how can I help you to get out of your despair? Do you want to do a project together? Something like Art & Sex, or Sex in Art, or Art of Sex, or… whatever. Just let me know. Michael B-)

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