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First Anal Penetration – Steven Josephs Guest Blog

Like so many of my sexual adventures, my first anal penetration by anything other than a tentative finger, happened on the initiative of someone else. Whilst enjoying my favourite post ejaculation recovery one day, being stroked gently by a woman half my age, she asked me if I fancied taking a strap-­on. Yes, just like that. She can be quite direct. I have learned that when a beautiful, intelligent woman

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Connecting the Unknown Self to the Self – by Bliss Lost

We have our known self and our unknown self. Life is a journey connecting the known self to our hidden unknown self. We can be shocked and horrified by whom we truly are. Being shocked and horrified is determined by the environment within which we were born and raised. My first and last gay experience was when I was teenager with a boy the same age. It was oral sex

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Anal Orgasm Uninhibited & Exposed

Anal orgasm is like walking on water. A tiny miracle. Anal orgasm is like a secret, something stolen, an unexpected gift. Women don’t always understand that anal orgasm brings her more  pleasure than she ever imagined. Anal pleasure comes from exciting the nerve endings around the entrance to your bottom and the delicate membranes lining the passage inside. Thanks to the brilliant designer (whoever she was), the pudendal nerve, the

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Anal Sex – Lessons for Boys and Girls

Anal sex is like diving from a high cliff into a silent sea. Poise and preparation are everything. Sinking into the unknown is mesmerising and, once plumbed, what emerges from the depths is the thrill of new experience. Anal sex is like seeing the sign: Don’t walk on the grass, then walking on the grass. It carries that sense of being wanton. The very word anal is itself anal, abstract,

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