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Why Regular Blowjobs Fight Depression and You Sleep Better

Regular blowjobs are the crucial ray of sunshine a girl needs to brighten the long cold night of winter. Blowjobs are healthy and life-affirming. And research shows that regular blowjobs fight depression far better than champagne highs and all those little two-tone pills that come in bottles . Scientists at New York State University compared the sex lives of nearly 300 women and showed that semen contains a mind-altering drug that

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Blowjobs Feel Great and Make a Woman Feel Alive

Blowjobs feel great and made her feel totally wanton and totally alive. She wasn’t sure why.  It was a gut feeling, a desire born in her genes and it been with her as long as she could recall. Blowjobs feel great. And they made her feel great. It was like time had stopped and all life was concentrated in that frozen moment. When she was giving a guy a blowjob it felt

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Blowjobs Driving Men Love More Than Life

Blowjobs driving at high speed can kill and most men seem to think it’s worth it. I once had a boyfriend who would get an erection driving fast and would only slow down when the heat in his blue jeans was doused in the cooling waters of my mouth. Unlike vaginal and anal sex, blowjobs have a calming effect. A guy engulfed in your mouth just lays back and lets

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Giving Head is Good For Your Health

Oral sex. BJs. Fellatio. Call it what you will, the big news is giving head is good for your health. Girls have long been aware that sperm works as a face cream that draws out impurities when it dries and tastes delicious. What we now know – thanks to research at the State University of New York – is that that male semen contains a variety of chemicals that make

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