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Dogging, Voyeurs and the Joys of Public Indecency

Dogging couples love being watched and voyeurs are polishing their binoculars now spring is ripening the buds and opening the perfumed lips of flowers and plants. For those unfamiliar with this particularly British recreation, dogging is having sex in the open and in the backs of cars in places where prying eyes and camera lenses will almost certainly be watching. Dogging is an act of defiance and sexual abandon, a

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Why Afternoon Sex Makes You Feel More Alive

Afternoon sex with the room turning amber in the lowering sun is like a gift from ancient gods. Like stolen time. Like discovering a new star. Forget the afternoon siesta, afternoon sex is life-affirming, it puts a sparkle in your eyes and prepares you for the night and life ahead. Afternoons can slip away doing nothing; dull, unremembered. You’ve finished the novel you were reading. You don’t want to send

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3 Car Sex Tips and Cameron Diaz

In The Counselor, there is a scene where Cameron Diaz has the most astonishing car sex EVER. The Ridley Scott directed movie with Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender is memorable for many reasons, but Cameron humping a Ferrari steals the show. Car sex is a challenge. It’s like a struggle to overcome some unexpected difficulty, like saving a poodle from a burning house, or crossing a river

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