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American Concubine – Steamy S&M With a Younger Man

American Concubine is out – finally, frantically, breathlessly … I have a dampness beneath my armpits and a feeling of guilt that’s terribly English, I know, and completely genuine. Guilt because I have not written a blog for months and now here I am asking you, my loyal readers, to dip into their pockets and get a copy of my new book. And even that needs an explanation. American Concubine

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Rare Artist of Our Time

A well-written tale that’ll stay with you long after you read it Rebekkah Ford on Girl Trade I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book. The first chapter gripped me in a whirlwind of feelings: interest, suspense, disgust, and anger. I have zero tolerance for someone forcing their will on others unless the other party gives her permission to do so. However, the main character in

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Slave Girl With The Spider Tattoo

A line ran from below my bottom lip, around the curve of my chin and down between my breasts in a blue thread to the spider tattoo on the dome of my shaved pubis. My belly was adorned with a green stone, shiny as an emerald, the colour of my eyes. From the ramparts, I watched a pickup cross the desert. It shot by the caravanserai, the driver tooted his horn as he

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Running Away – To Be A Concubine

Running away had always been in the back of my mind. If character is destiny, I was fated to be carried off into the desert. From the deck of the ship I had imagined my own ghost and seen my unvanishing footsteps. When you don’t belong anywhere, it doesn’t matter where you are or where you go, if you stay or move on. You become a leaf floating with the will

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