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Erotic Sex and the Way to Sacred Orgasm

Erotic sex in an exploration of your own hidden desires. Erotic sex is not about orgasm. It is about the suspension of orgasm; the pause in pleasure to reach a state of still greater pleasure. Erotic sex is not about love – though there is no reason why couples in love do not enjoy erotic sex. On the contrary, they should. They must. When sex becomes dull, as it will,

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Katie in Love

Katie in Love – Excerpt It is New Year’s Eve and Katie Boyd has met a stranger at a tartan-themed fancy dress ball and taken him back to her apartment. They kiss… He grabbed me. I liked being grabbed. I like wriggling free then being grabbed again. I like running away and being chased, being caught. We kissed and kissed, then paused for breath. He pressed his teeth against my

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Kay Jaybee Guest Blog One of the joys (and the challenges) of writing erotic stories, is the constant opportunity to push the boundaries of perceived ‘proper’ behaviour. I don’t mean that once I have a pen in my hand I instantly dive into the illegal, dubious, or downright wrong. I mean that within the realms of the fiction I write, I am able to grapple with ideas and fantasies that

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What’s The Difference Between Porn & Erotica?

Porn is not erotica. Porn is dull. Porn is repetitive. Good sex like good art never repeats itself. Porn is not sex. Porn is simulated sex. A rubber doll with a microchip can imitate human flesh without human feeling. Porn leaves an emptiness inside. Erotica sets up a vibration in the mind that sends pulsing waves through the body. Porn is about orgasm. Erotica is about suspending orgasm.

Burning Books Means People Are Next

Burning books has always been a symbol of dictatorship and the sign  a society that has lost its way. The Nazis were big on burning books. Al-Qaida finds time for burning books when they’re not burning schools and blowing up Buddhist statues. The Royal Library of Alexandria was razed on several occasions: by Roman fanatics, Christian fanatics and, finally, Moslem fanatics who scattered the ash on the wind. The German poet Heinrich Heine famously said: “Where

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Bad Girls in Masks

When Xcite Books slashed the price of my novel A Girl’s Adventure to 49p (UK), $0.78 (US) – downloads started zipping across the ether at the speed of thought.  Now that’s a good thing. Writers want readers. But there is a gigantic downside to modern publishing. As e-book sales overtake their printed counterparts, book buyers are becoming addicted to low prices, special offers and freebies. That’s splendid news if it means more people are

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Review: Revenge of the Orgasm:

Revenge of the Orgasm: by Greatest Poet Alive My rating: 5 of 5 stars GPA is a man who has taken hold of the world as if it were a blank canvas and on its surface has painted his portrait in words of passion and grace. This is the strangest book I have come across in a very long time. And there is nothing wrong in that. In an age

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