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Katie in Love

Katie in Love is OUT TODAY as an eBook and available as a beautiful, matt-finish 9×6 PAPERBACK. If you like my blog posts, you will LOVE my novel. The excerpt below comes from the opening chapter. Please click on the links and get your copy TODAY xx Chloe Katie in Love – 1 If you add the shadow of death to a moment of passion you are in that instant free

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How Do You Know if You Are Falling in Love?

Falling in love is like standing in the middle of a burning bridge. Which way do you run? Back into the smoky ruins of the past? Or forward into the heat and passion of the unknown? Love grabs your heart in a clenched fist. It’s hard to breathe. When you are falling in love, you are afraid of falling out of love. If you are in love, you are petrified

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First Love Lasts Forever

I remember my first love as if it were last night below the full moon with the sea slipping over the beach. The experience was overwhelming, painful, obsessive and I didn’t sleep for days.