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Spanking and Blowjobs Are Human Nature

Spanking and Blowjobs Facts Spanking and blowjobs are life-affirming bonds between lovers at the very heart of human nature. Spanking and blowjobs for a woman are deliciously feminine, forms of intimacy more compelling than intercourse. Spanking and blowjobs are a meditation, the pathway leading to the inner you. Men can’t help thinking that the woman is giving him a blowjob, or he is giving her a spanking. But it’s not like

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Teen Blowjobs Giving Head Fellatio

Two in three teens have had oral sex and teen blowjobs is one of the top ten enquiries on search engines. The figures come from research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and marks a ‘hierarchical reordering of oral sex in American culture,’ according to Justin Garcia, an evolutionary biologist with the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Mothers watching their daughters grow up in the sexting, nude-selfie

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Blowjobs Golden Rule – Swallow Don’t Spit

Blowjobs are empowering. When you are down on your knees with a warm cock in your mouth, you have the power over pleasure and pain. Great blowjobs are life-affirming, uniquely human, a biblical investment: the more you give the more you get. When more than 1000 girls answered the Ask Reddit survey: What do you think about when you are giving blowjobs? I was saddened to learn that the majority

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Giving Head is Good For Your Health

Oral sex. BJs. Fellatio. Call it what you will, the big news is giving head is good for your health. Girls have long been aware that sperm works as a face cream that draws out impurities when it dries and tastes delicious. What we now know – thanks to research at the State University of New York – is that that male semen contains a variety of chemicals that make

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