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Multiple Orgasm is Good For Your Health

Multiple orgasm is a blessing granted only to women. Men get floppy and have to wait, while multiple orgasm is that rare gift that strikes suddenly and leaves girls feeling in touch with the beating heart of the universe. A multiple orgasm is like an internal earthquake that erupts in your vagina. It runs shivering and rippling up through your whole body, then down tingling in sensory explosions to your

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What Women Want In Bed

Men think foreplay is like football, the quicker they pop one in the goal the better. It’s not like that for women. What women want in bed are four essential skills: kissing, stroking, foreplay and afterplay.

4 Secret Ways to Get Girls in Bed

There are 4 secret ways to get a girls in bed. To most men those secrets remain a secret. Men learn how to build websites and tinker with cars, but when it comes to dating, and the tinkering they imagine is going to follow, they display about as much sensitivity as mating crocodiles – and that’s not a pretty sight. There is book on getting girls in bed called The Game,

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