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Butterfly Girls Saving the World

Fleur didn’t even know what butterfly girls were. Fleur didn’t know she was a butterfly girl. In fact, when Fleur woke up she didn’t know where she was or how she got there. Rose was at her side, sleeping still, her breasts rising and falling with each breath she took. She was naked. Fleur looked down and saw that she was naked, too. Where are our clothes, she wondered? But the

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Pegging & the Decline of Casual Sex

For couples losing the oo la la in their sex life, pegging is making its way out of the all-girl world of strap-ons and entering the hetero mainstream. What’s Pegging? It requires girls to buckle up into a harness with a dildo and show their male partner what it feels like to reverse roles – something gay men will often understand, but to straight men is one of the unsolved mysteries of

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Ice Cream Girls

Greta crawled back between the sheets. She slid her tongue the length of Tara’s body, all the way up from her wriggling toes to her shiny nose, into her eye sockets and across her forehead. She cleaned her ice creamy ears, her long neck and the warm groove of her throat. Their lips met and it struck Greta that she would always prefer kissing girls. Their lips are softer, smoother,

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