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Rare Artist of Our Time

A well-written tale that’ll stay with you long after you read it Rebekkah Ford on Girl Trade I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book. The first chapter gripped me in a whirlwind of feelings: interest, suspense, disgust, and anger. I have zero tolerance for someone forcing their will on others unless the other party gives her permission to do so. However, the main character in

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Slave Girl With The Spider Tattoo

A line ran from below my bottom lip, around the curve of my chin and down between my breasts in a blue thread to the spider tattoo on the dome of my shaved pubis. My belly was adorned with a green stone, shiny as an emerald, the colour of my eyes. From the ramparts, I watched a pickup cross the desert. It shot by the caravanserai, the driver tooted his horn as he

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Girl Trade in Ongoing Talks

I met a man at party who asked the inevitable: ‘What do you do?’ to which I replied, ‘I write erotic novels.’ That always shuts people up for a moment. You can say romance novels or mystery or history, but erotic makes them give you a quick look up and down to see if you are carrying a bullwhip and a pair of handcuffs. ‘Novels. Mmm, how many?’ ‘Five,’ I said

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