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Erotic Quotient – How To Measure Sexual Pleasure

Erotic quotient measures the immeasurable, defines the indefinable, quantifies and calculates pleasure. Erotic quotient is the sum total of foreplay, orgasm and afterplay, an isosceles triangle with orgasm at the peak. Sex without orgasm is like decaffeinated coffee or warm champagne, an aberration, the denial of life’s essence. The first time you have sex sets the metric of your personal erotic quotient for the rest of you life. In my

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Why A Summer Fling Makes You Feel More Alive

FREE Summer Fling In the good old days when I was still promiscuous, a summer fling was as much a part of the holidays as a new bikini, a suntan and, as often as not, a broken heart that healed almost as quickly as it was broken. On my first summer fling, I lost my virginity on a beach in Spain. My last summer fling – all life is cyclic

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Losing My Virginity Over and Over Again

He turned the video lens to face the bed. I wasn’t watching him, I was drawn to the eye of the camera, struck by its ability to capture this moment. There was doubt and confusion in my head, fear too. I would think about it all later. I would remember always. But now, I laid back on the white bed and watched as he removed his shirt, his jeans, his

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