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Erotic Quotient – How To Measure Sexual Pleasure

Erotic quotient measures the immeasurable, defines the indefinable, quantifies and calculates pleasure. Erotic quotient is the sum total of foreplay, orgasm and afterplay, an isosceles triangle with orgasm at the peak. Sex without orgasm is like decaffeinated coffee or warm champagne, an aberration, the denial of life’s essence. The first time you have sex sets the metric of your personal erotic quotient for the rest of you life. In my

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Making Love Is Not Love But It May Be The Beginning of Love

Making love requires no thought. You move as the fronds of a palm tree move in the breeze. It is all instinct. All wonder. After making love there is nothing like making love, slowly, idly, like walking without a destination, or swimming in a warm sea. Making love defies explanation or exposition, description or clarification. Making love is one of those rare human exchanges in which the more you give,

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