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What Are You Writing?

When someone says: what are you writing? It sounds in my ears like they’re saying: I’m going to set fire to your hair. Or I’m going to kill your children. And I don’t even have any children. It’s like asking a man: are you still beating your wife? He is condemned by the question before he has a chance to answer. Asking a writer what are you writing is like

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Books For The Girl Who Has Everything

Burning the books in the Royal Library of Alexandria is often cited as a Philistine response to art and culture, a deed so vile it is still remembered 2,300 years after the match was struck. What is less known, is the library was razed on several occasions: by Roman fanatics, Christian fanatics and, finally, Moslem fanatics, who burned the ash to ash until it sailed away on the winds of

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Into The Dark Heart of Africa

On a whim, I threw my sunglasses on my towel and strode into the surf breaking on the shoreline. The long hours of afternoon stretched vacantly before me and I thought idly I might leave La Gomera and travel on to El Hierro, the Meridian Island, the smallest of the Canaries, the furthest south, the furthest from London. ‘The further the better,’ I heard myself say and I wasn’t sure

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