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Student Prostitutes Paying College Fees With Sex Work

Student prostitutes are funding their fees, rents and daily living costs by practising the oldest profession. Girls turning tricks as student prostitutes have always existed on campus, but the numbers have soared to a staggering 1 in 20, with just as many guys as girls now paying their way by selling their services.  Aside from the high numbers of student prostitutes – tens of thousands across the United Kingdom –

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Make Money Dating With The New Ohlala App

To make money dating is a dream come true for countless girls across the planet bogged down by high rents, low wages, boring boyfriends and dates that turn sour before the champagne’s even been opened. All that could be a thing of the past with a provocatively-named new app called Ohlala that simplifies all those planning and preparation texts to create hook-ups where girls can make money dating guys who,

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The Oldest Profession – With A New Twist For Modern Times

What struck me when I first saw Ana was her beautiful smile that didn’t just light up her face, it lit up the entire café where she worked as a waitress. I was on holiday in Spain and she was glad to practise the English she had learned during a six months stay in London. I asked her if she had been a student, and she leaned over and whispered:

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