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One Night Only Hits The Spot – Bad Girls Do It Well

One night only. It’s a phrase the girls threw out nonchalantly when I was at school and it now sounds so dated. That’s why I love it. Going with someone for one night only is a teenage thing – at least it was when I was a teen, and reviving it makes you feel young again. I needed it. I broke up with Ramon, my beautiful younger man. It was inevitable. All

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One Night Stand

A one night stand often stays longer in the memory than a relationship that has lasted for absolutely weeks. You recall every move, every motion, every nuance, every touch of the stranger’s hand, every flutter of your heart…his damp tongue running down between your breasts, the race of your pulse…the moist feeling between your legs…the slow arch of your back…heels pressing down, down… A one night stand is a snapshot

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