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Ooo Some Five Star Reviews For American Concubine

American Concubine Five Star Reviews at This collection of erotic short stories is every bit as good as this talented writer’s earlier work. By RD Von, September 25, 2017 5***** Chloe Thurlow is, in my opinion, utterly unbeatable at writing erotica. Her words are nuanced and weighed and placed so precisely – and combine into erotic phrases that sweep you along into another world. Snow Fall Softly, one of the

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American Concubine – Steamy S&M With a Younger Man

American Concubine is out – finally, frantically, breathlessly … I have a dampness beneath my armpits and a feeling of guilt that’s terribly English, I know, and completely genuine. Guilt because I have not written a blog for months and now here I am asking you, my loyal readers, to dip into their pockets and get a copy of my new book. And even that needs an explanation. American Concubine

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First Orgasm, Being Spanked and Being A Girl

First Orgasm! It was something I had become obsessed about and didn’t think was ever going to happen and it probably wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for my sister – at least, not in the way I expected.  Should I love her for it, or carry on hating her? I am not sure. But I could have killed her when I put my name down for a summer job at

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Erotic Sex and the Way to Sacred Orgasm

Erotic sex in an exploration of your own hidden desires. Erotic sex is not about orgasm. It is about the suspension of orgasm; the pause in pleasure to reach a state of still greater pleasure. Erotic sex is not about love – though there is no reason why couples in love do not enjoy erotic sex. On the contrary, they should. They must. When sex becomes dull, as it will,

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Ripened for Sin

A biography of Chloe Thurlow Part III by Elizabeth Woodham Sin takes many forms and Chloe has indulged most of them. Her lovers have been eclectic and interesting. I hope Tom holds her interest. I worry that her quest for respectability will lead to heartache – for him, at least, and maybe even her. And yet, when they come to dinner, they glow, wearing a mantel of impatience to leave,

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Why Spanish Fly is the Aphrodisiac of Choice

A pinch of Spanish Fly and you are flying. Take too much and it kills you. It is this balance between the ultimate orgasm and a gut-wrenching death that has made Spanish Fly the aphrodisiac of choice since the Romans first started sending out invitation cards to orgies. Spanish Fly is in fact a misnomer, seeing that it is not a fly but an emerald-green beetle, and it is not

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5 Types of Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm: A Journey There are five types of female orgasm. That’s right FIVE. I have friends who know them all as intimately as the five fingers of their favourite hand and others who have never had a truly heart-thumping exploding climax. And that’s sad. Here are the five types: Clitoral; G-spot; Simultaneous; Multiple, Female Ejaculation, or Squirting. First some anatomy. The clitoris is an almost invisible bell-shaped button inside the inner lips

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Review: Revenge of the Orgasm:

Revenge of the Orgasm: by Greatest Poet Alive My rating: 5 of 5 stars GPA is a man who has taken hold of the world as if it were a blank canvas and on its surface has painted his portrait in words of passion and grace. This is the strangest book I have come across in a very long time. And there is nothing wrong in that. In an age

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