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Naked Protest in the Battle for Women’s Rights

Naked protest is often the only way women can highlight their cause – human rights, women’s rights, ant-war, anti-fur and countless other ills men and the corporate system ignore. Naked protest is a expression of female strength through sheer audacity, the act of stripping in public shameless, spirited and ironic. Swiss artist Milo Moire is well-known for using nudity – her own – in her art, but as all art is ultimately politics, it didn’t

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Public Nudity – Why Girls Like Taking Their Clothes Off

Public nudity comes naturally to girls. It’s only chilly days and public pressure that stops us taking our clothes off. As for Peeping Toms, we welcome their wolfish leers and hidden longings. If a couple are strolling on the beach, she will walk in the sea holding her sandals, while he, in socks and shoes, sticks to the hard sand. She is in touch with her primeval genes, a flimsy

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The Adventure Begins

I had wanted adventure. I watched the approaching man in a turban and thought: it has happened; the adventure begins. He wore a loose blue tunic that billowed about him and an expression impossible to interpret. He didn’t hurry and approached as you might a nervous animal, a unicorn perhaps. It occurred to me that the island might be private property, that I was trespassing. Not that it would matter.

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