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Orgy – One Way To Find Out Who You Really Are

Orgy is such a gorgeous word it’s like a mantra and sometimes I find myself saying it over and over again as I walk down the street – orgy, orgy, orgy. People look at me as if I am really sad (or entirely mad) but we all have an orgy fantasy and mumbling my mantra probably does a lot more good than harm – it reminds people of their subliminal

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What’s Saturnalia Got To Do With Christmas Anyway?

In the bleak midwinter there was nothing Roman pagans looked forward to more than the annual Saturnalia. It was a time for unrestrained revelry, lose morals, over-eating and drinking like the sun may never rise again. At the height of the festivities, sodden groups of friends would strip naked and go from door to door singing bawdy songs before going home to saturnalian orgies. ‘They were,’ the poet Gaius Valerius Catallus

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