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Does Ringo Starr Work Eight Days a Week?

The Beatles may have been on to something when they wrote Eight Days a Week. The passionate lover in the song won’t be satisfied by anything less than absolute commitment – ‘eight days a week.’ And why not? Think how much more we’d get done if the astronomers who decided that 7 spins of the earth should represent a week had chosen 8 instead. Think of all those 3-day weekends. Think

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4 Secret Ways to Get Girls in Bed

There are 4 secret ways to get a girls in bed. To most men those secrets remain a secret. Men learn how to build websites and tinker with cars, but when it comes to dating, and the tinkering they imagine is going to follow, they display about as much sensitivity as mating crocodiles – and that’s not a pretty sight. There is book on getting girls in bed called The Game,

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Girl Trade in Ongoing Talks

I met a man at party who asked the inevitable: ‘What do you do?’ to which I replied, ‘I write erotic novels.’ That always shuts people up for a moment. You can say romance novels or mystery or history, but erotic makes them give you a quick look up and down to see if you are carrying a bullwhip and a pair of handcuffs. ‘Novels. Mmm, how many?’ ‘Five,’ I said

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