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Sex Addict Cure Will Never Be Found – and who wants to?

Sex addict. I said this to myself as I gazed into the mirror. Then I said it again. Sex addict. It is a dependence I have tried to fight – not always that hard – since I was eighteen and stripped naked for a photographer three times my age and had my first orgasm with long shadows chasing across the room and a movie camera filming the event. I was

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Nymphomania and the New Sexual Revolution

This is the dawning of the Age of Nymphomania. Nymphomania – Uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a woman – Oxford Dictionary Nymphomania – Hypersexuality: female sex drive that is obsessively high. Considered a mental illness, colloquially meaning a horny girl – Urban Dictionary After the long years of the Sexual Revolution, bra burning, feminism, post feminism, equal rights and sexual rights, those born in the smouldering ash of these

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