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Morning Sex For a Longer Sexier Happier Life

Morning sex is rejuvenating in a real way – it makes you feel young again. Morning sex with a young lover makes you feel ageless. You wake after a good night’s sleep from sex the night before filled with vitality and a hunger for more. Extended foreplay is, as every girl knows, a glimpse of paradise, but on weekdays when you haul yourself up to go to work, the sheer urgency

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Nymphomania and the New Sexual Revolution

This is the dawning of the Age of Nymphomania. Nymphomania – Uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a woman – Oxford Dictionary Nymphomania – Hypersexuality: female sex drive that is obsessively high. Considered a mental illness, colloquially meaning a horny girl – Urban Dictionary After the long years of the Sexual Revolution, bra burning, feminism, post feminism, equal rights and sexual rights, those born in the smouldering ash of these

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Why Sex With A Stranger Made Me Feel Like Me Again

Sex with a stranger makes you feel decadent, a risk taker, young again. Sex with a stranger is life on the edge. Everything else is life wrapped in cotton wool. All girls have sex with a stranger fantasies and fantasies played out are healthier than those that have been left to fester and go mouldy. When we look back, we don’t regret the things we have done, only the things left

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What Does Sex Mean To Me?

Christian Schewanowsky Guest Blog What does sex mean to you? And what does sex mean to me. When I was a teenager it was all about lust. A seemingly endless lust for girls with nice round breasts and small hips, wearing virtually nothing. I collected pictures like many teenaged boys do. I was still a virgin when I went to university, something that changed in my first year, a few weeks after

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Pegging & the Decline of Casual Sex

For couples losing the oo la la in their sex life, pegging is making its way out of the all-girl world of strap-ons and entering the hetero mainstream. What’s Pegging? It requires girls to buckle up into a harness with a dildo and show their male partner what it feels like to reverse roles – something gay men will often understand, but to straight men is one of the unsolved mysteries of

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Will Having An Affair Save My Marriage?

Having an affair puts a sparkle in your eyes. An affair makes you go out and buy new shoes with an extra spring in the step. When you’re having an affair you get thinner without trying. The lines around your eyes disappear. Your skin glows. If you are having an affair, it could save your relationship. If you are not having an affair, and your relationship is rocky, then perhaps

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25,000 Reasons To Have Sex Every Day

Sex is good for you. Regular sex is like walking, like breathing: absolutely essential. Like coffee every morning and a glass of red wine at night, sex every day will make you look younger, feel younger, sleep better, even smell better. Sex relieves stress, burns calories, makes your heart fly like a bird and lowers the risk of heart attack. I promised with the title 25,000 reasons to have sex

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