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Macrophilia Men Want Sex With BIG Women

Macrophilia is when LITTLE guys dream of having sex with BIG girls. Giants, in fact. The bigger the better. It’s not just sex they’re after, macrophilia addicts want to feel sheltered inside the domed highways and silky caverns of a large woman. The word macrophilia means ‘lover of large’: macro – big, philia – that thing that drives us and makes us crazy. Personally, I am a cactophile and an

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3 Car Sex Tips and Cameron Diaz

In The Counselor, there is a scene where Cameron Diaz has the most astonishing car sex EVER. The Ridley Scott directed movie with Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender is memorable for many reasons, but Cameron humping a Ferrari steals the show. Car sex is a challenge. It’s like a struggle to overcome some unexpected difficulty, like saving a poodle from a burning house, or crossing a river

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