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Bondage for Beginners

Elizabeth Morris Guest Blog Being in a relationship when you have found the right partner can be immensely satisfying and comforting. You may have had a really demanding day at the office, but you get to come home, reconnect with your partner, hear about their day and chat about about your plans for the evening or weekend ahead. A good partner will be there to comfort you when you go through

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Cervical Orgasm – What is it? How Can I Have One?

Cervical orgasm is the Big Bang that begins life, an upsurge of pleasure that spreads through the entire body until your toes tingle, your eyes press shut and you become weightless, a celestial star released from gravity. Clitoral and related female orgasms arise from pelvic contractions that build to a climax by stimulating the pudendal nerve-system. Cervical orgasm results from exciting the hypo-gastric and vagus nerve-systems and can last for

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Fulfilling Your Sexual Fantasies – Crista Martin

One of my sexual fantasies is to have sex outdoors. Me and my man on a desert island next to a waterfall surrounded by tropical flowers. We’d skinny dip in our little oasis. He’d lead me over the rocks and we’d make love with the surf slipping over us like in a cheesy music video for an ’80s ballad—Chris Isaak singing Wicked Game. The problem with those seemingly romantic situations

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Sex Toys

One Woman’s “Trashy” is Another Woman’s Treasure Sárka-Jonae Miller Guest Blog I don’t often read negative reviews of my books because despite having the initials S & M, I’m not into masochism. But when I learned that someone had complained vehemently about my latest novel I took a peek. I’m glad I did because I learned an interesting lesson: one woman’s trashy is another woman’s treasure. The reviewer, let’s call

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