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Breaking Up is Just Beginning to Live Again

Breaking up breaks your heart. Breaking up is like a nervous breakdown. Breaking up makes you feel as if you have done something wrong, made some terrible error, that there is something wrong with you – even when you know it’s not your fault. We search for blame after breaking up. But, more often than not, there is no blame. Relationships hang on slender threads. They wear thin and suddenly

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Why Sex With A Stranger Made Me Feel Like Me Again

Sex with a stranger makes you feel decadent, a risk taker, young again. Sex with a stranger is life on the edge. Everything else is life wrapped in cotton wool. All girls have sex with a stranger fantasies and fantasies played out are healthier than those that have been left to fester and go mouldy. When we look back, we don’t regret the things we have done, only the things left

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Katie in Love – First Night With The Stranger

Katie in Love – Excerpt 2 The stranger kissed my breasts in turn, taking my nipples into his mouth and biting down just hard enough to make them pop out, eager for more. At the same time his quick fingers found the zip on my kilt and the tartan fabric fell about my toes. He rolled down my tights and I hopped from foot to foot as he expertly rid me

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