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3 Car Sex Tips and Cameron Diaz

In The Counselor, there is a scene where Cameron Diaz has the most astonishing car sex EVER. The Ridley Scott directed movie with Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender is memorable for many reasons, but Cameron humping a Ferrari steals the show. Car sex is a challenge. It’s like a struggle to overcome some unexpected difficulty, like saving a poodle from a burning house, or crossing a river

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25,000 Reasons To Have Sex Every Day

Sex is good for you. Regular sex is like walking, like breathing: absolutely essential. Like coffee every morning and a glass of red wine at night, sex every day will make you look younger, feel younger, sleep better, even smell better. Sex relieves stress, burns calories, makes your heart fly like a bird and lowers the risk of heart attack. I promised with the title 25,000 reasons to have sex

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Where does porn start? Often in the classroom. Girls are pressured by boys into sending selfies of their breasts that get shared around the school. Why do the girls agree? Because girls are agreeable. They want to be liked. It’s just a bit of fun. Breasts decorate every commercial, every celebrity interview. Sex is in the air like oxygen. Like the sea to the fish. From sharing a half nude selfie to watching porn is the beginning of the slippery slope to replicating those scenes.

Why Sex Sells Screenplays & Makes The Movie

Sex sells. Sex scenes in movies can be moving and passionate, but must remain subtle, understated. Sex scenes are a glimpse of what sex is in life, but that glimpse must be more than just a visual feast, it must be integral to and enhance the story. In a screenplay, the writer must direct the director to understand whether the scene is loving and impassioned, or spicy and erotic. It

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