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Orgy – One Way To Find Out Who You Really Are

Orgy is such a gorgeous word it’s like a mantra and sometimes I find myself saying it over and over again as I walk down the street – orgy, orgy, orgy. People look at me as if I am really sad (or entirely mad) but we all have an orgy fantasy and mumbling my mantra probably does a lot more good than harm – it reminds people of their subliminal

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Marquis de Sade – Life, Books and Debauchery

The Marquis de Sade plucked reluctant virgins, debauched serving girls, beat his wife, seduced her sister, practised sodomy and wrote stories featuring rape, incest, necrophilia, torture and bestiality. He was also a war hero, lent his name to the word sadism and practically invented the erotic genre. Two hundred years after his death in 1814, the Marquis de Sade’s books are still in print and are being reassessed by academics

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Why Spanish Fly is the Aphrodisiac of Choice

A pinch of Spanish Fly and you are flying. Take too much and it kills you. It is this balance between the ultimate orgasm and a gut-wrenching death that has made Spanish Fly the aphrodisiac of choice since the Romans first started sending out invitation cards to orgies. Spanish Fly is in fact a misnomer, seeing that it is not a fly but an emerald-green beetle, and it is not

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