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Ooo Some Five Star Reviews For American Concubine

American Concubine Five Star Reviews at This collection of erotic short stories is every bit as good as this talented writer’s earlier work. By RD Von, September 25, 2017 5***** Chloe Thurlow is, in my opinion, utterly unbeatable at writing erotica. Her words are nuanced and weighed and placed so precisely – and combine into erotic phrases that sweep you along into another world. Snow Fall Softly, one of the

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First Orgasm, Being Spanked and Being A Girl

First Orgasm! It was something I had become obsessed about and didn’t think was ever going to happen and it probably wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for my sister – at least, not in the way I expected.  Should I love her for it, or carry on hating her? I am not sure. But I could have killed her when I put my name down for a summer job at

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Virgin Orgasm and a Girl’s First Wet Dream

Virgin orgasm is as normal as breathing, as natural as sunshine, as healthy as a long swim in a warm sea. Your first virgin orgasm comes at puberty and strikes like an electric shock, buzzing, shimmering, unexpected. You have opposing feelings of shame and pride, a touch of fear and a tremor of joy. It is overwhelming, mysterious, magical. Puberty is a metamorphosis. You get longer, thinner, shapelier. You bottom

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