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Male Desires and All The Men I Have Slept With

Male desires come in every shape, just like their penises, more shades than the rainbow, more mysterious than you can imagine. More mysterious than you can imagine. Ramon – bless him – would wake with an erection and I gulped down a mouthful of protein before starting my hectic day. At night, after he had come, he would stay hard and fall asleep inside me as he softened. There is

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What’s Saturnalia Got To Do With Christmas Anyway?

In the bleak midwinter there was nothing Roman pagans looked forward to more than the annual Saturnalia. It was a time for unrestrained revelry, lose morals, over-eating and drinking like the sun may never rise again. At the height of the festivities, sodden groups of friends would strip naked and go from door to door singing bawdy songs before going home to saturnalian orgies. ‘They were,’ the poet Gaius Valerius Catallus

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Virgin Sacrifice & Why Men Desire Virgins

Joan of Arc was 19 when they burnt her at the stake in 1431 and I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the reasons why she had to be sacrificed was because she was still a virgin. Men crave virgins, dream of virgins, they will give ten years off the end of their lives to pop a virgin. And here was Joan in shiny armour, wielding a sword and

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