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Death and the Maiden

The erotic bond between sex and death is deeply-rooted in the human psyche and has been played out in the allegory Death and the Maiden since the beginning of time. The story always follows the same theme: a pretty young girl is seduced by death. The girl represents purity and fertility. Death is depicted as a horny old man with his last carnal desires. The first known version of Death

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Virgin Sacrifice & Why Men Desire Virgins

Joan of Arc was 19 when they burnt her at the stake in 1431 and I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the reasons why she had to be sacrificed was because she was still a virgin. Men crave virgins, dream of virgins, they will give ten years off the end of their lives to pop a virgin. And here was Joan in shiny armour, wielding a sword and

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Almost A Virgin But Not Quite

I’m almost a virgin but not quite. I started a blog, stopped like a lazy slut, and started again because my web wizard Bradley told me good blogs are better than bad sex and, if  you want to get ahead, you must have a blog. And keep it up. Update regularly. Like every day. Comment on other blogs. Leave links. Insert links. Links are the lifeblood of the internet, the

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